Oki mc860 handbuch deutsch



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Oki mc860 handbuch deutsch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals All in One Printer MC MFP Software manual Oki MC MFP Software Manual Oki mc mfp: software guide. Quick Links Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. MC MFP. Directives d'installation de l'appareil multifonction MC MFP. Your MFP unit comes with two CD-ROMs: a. Printer Software CD and an MFP Software.

A computer that is connected to a network. To use the "pull scanning" capabilities. USB and scanner software that is TWAIN. This is only. Vista or Mac OS X, HTTP, or FTP server. Press the SETUP button on the printer's.

Touch Network to display the network. Press the START button to print the. Keep these pages handy as they contain. Make sure the printer is attached to. Insert the Printer Software CD in the. Select your language and click "Next". Select "Directly to the network using. Enter the IP address. The IP address. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If desired, install other utilities on the. To make sure the printer driver is correctly. Reinstall the driver if the installation. Double-click the CD icon that appears. Select the "OSX Installer MC PS". Click the "Mac OS X Driver" box and. When prompted, enter the IP address. Install the USB Printer Driver Windows. Use a USB cable to attach the printer. Make sure the printer is turned ON. Note that the USB driver automatically.

Install the ActKey Utility Windows-only. Install the ActKey utility to enable one-key. Note: for USB connections only. Insert the MFP Software CD in your CD. Under the MFP Utilities, select "Install. Select a Destination Folder for ActKey. See the User's Guide for information on. Related Manuals for Oki MC MFP All in One Printer Oki MC Quick Manual 6 pages. All in One Printer Oki MCN User Manual Oki all in one printer user manual pages.

Use a USB cable to attach the printer to a USB port on your computer. Insert the Printer SoftWare CD in the CD-ROM drive. Ouvrez le dossier MAX OS X. La unidad MFP viene con dos CD-ROMs: un CD con el software de la impresora y un CD con software de la MFP. Page 6 2. Coloque el CD de software de la impresora en la unidad CD-ROM. Haga doble clic en el icono del CD que aparece en el escritorio.

Abra la carpeta MAC OS X. Seleccione su idioma. Page 8 3. Insira o CD de software da impressora na unidade de CD-ROM. Abra a pasta MAC OS X. Selecione o idioma desejado. Quando solicitado, digite a senha de administrador. Print page 1 Print document 9 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Copier MC MFP Maintenance manual Oki MC Maintenance Manual. Quick Links. See also: User ManualQuick Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting method Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting the abnormal images Network troubleshooting Related Manuals for Oki MC All in One Printer Oki MC Quick Manual 6 pages. Copier Oki S Engineer's Installation Manual Scancopier 58 pages. All Rights Reserved Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete, accurate, and up-to- date.

The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control. The manufacturer also cannot guarantee that changes in software and equipment made by other manufacturers and referred to in this guide will not affect the applicability of the information in it.

This manual is intended to be used by the experienced maintenance engineer. Page 6 7. Page 8: System Configuration PCB SCANNER PCB MAIN SPEAKER TP-Ctrl Overall system configuration RADF Motor Motor VOICE Driver Driver Motor Motor KEYs of the MC is shown in Module ASIC RADF PCB INVERTER Figure Motor PCB PANEL2 SF-ROM SRAM Driver Motor LAMP MHz Page 9 1.

Cover Duplex Front Rear Bottom paper open sensor sensor Centronics sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor size sw Duplex clutch Feed Separator clutch Page Mfp Configuration 1. Page Name And Function Of Each Part 1. Page 12 1. Printer section configuration of the MC is shown in Fig. Overall configuration of the scanner section of the MC is shown in Fig. Page 14 1. Page 15 1. Page Options Configuration 1. Page 17 1. Page Specifications 1. Page 19 1. Configuration 1. Category Category Page 20 1.

Page 21 1. Page Copy Function 1. Page Fax Function 1. Page Other Functions 1. Page Interface Specifications 1. Page Parallel Interface Specifications 1. Signal name Direction Function Parallel interface in compliance with IEEEstd Data is read at trailing edge. Page Electro-Photographic Process System 2. Voltage is applied to the charge roller that is contacting with the OPC drum surface so that the OPC drum surface is charged.

Page 32 2. Page 33 2. Page Print Process 2. Page 35 2. Page 36 2. M-ID unit down Y-ID unit down Operations of the respective ID units during color print are shown in Fig. Page 37 2. Page 38 2. Page 39 2. Page 40 2. Page 41 2. Page 42 2. Page 43 2. Page Image Scanning Process 2. Page Fundamental Operations 2. The respective operation modes are executed in accordance with the instructions given by the connected equipment The MFP is a document feed device of skim reading only.

Page 46 2. Supplement: When a both-sided document is selected, this operation is performed regardless of the same size mixed documents or different sizes mixed documents. Page Document Detection 2. If the final document is Page 48 2. Size detection of the initial document that is set on the document tray is performed as follows.

Page Jam Detection 2. Check timing of the Overview of the power supply is shown in the illustration below The power supply block of the document jam detection has already been memorized in the ROM of the image processor MFP receives the power supply of two systems that are 24 V power supply and 3. Page Document Table Structure 2. Page Mirror Carriage Drive Mechanism 2. Page Document Size Detection 2. In the vertical scanning direction, the beam sensor receives the reflected light from document and the document size detection is executed.

Page Warnings And Prohibited Items Be sure to explain the precautions on installation and operation to clients while showing source and contact Oki contact point. Failure to observe the caution may result in fire. Explain full details of AC power cord and earth wire especially to clients.

Page Installation Of Mfp 3. The MFP is heavy weighing approx. Three or more persons should work together to raise the MFP. Page 57 3. Page Installation Method 3. Page 59 3. Remove the protection materials. Carton box and protection materials will be re-sued in future for transportation. Page 60 3. Document table cover Document cover original position.

Raise the document table cover. Document table cover Pull the document table lock lever to the Document table front and raise the document table. Page 61 3. Return the document table cover to the Document table original position. Page 62 3. Remove the image drum cartridge. Remove the image drum cartridges 4 pieces gently with both hands. Pull the document table lock lever to the front and raise the document table.

Document table Image drum cartridge Page 63 3. Release the lock. Return the document table to the original position. Turn the two screws on the side panel Two screws in the direction of the arrow with the lock release tool supply, to release the lock. Page Installation Of Add-On Tray Unit 3. Page Main Unit And List Of Accessories 3. A maximum of 2 stagger tray can be added.

A single tray can accommodate sheets of real weight 70 kg paper. Page 67 3.