Fujitsu lifebook s760 handbuch



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Fujitsu lifebook s760 handbuch

Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Laptop Lifebook S User manual Fujitsu LifeBook S User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Your LifeBook 99 Troubleshooting the WLAN Troubleshooting Related Manuals for Fujitsu LifeBook S Laptop Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S Datasheet 7 pages. Page 3 Copyright and Trademark Information Fujitsu America, Incorporated has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document; however, as ongoing development efforts are continually improving the capabilities of our products, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this document.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced, or translated, without prior written consent of Fujitsu. No part of this publication may be stored or transmitted in any electronic form without the written consent of Fujitsu. Use only UL Listed I.

Class II Adapters with an output rating of 19 VDC, with a current of 4. Page 7: Table Of Contents Fujitsu Contact Information Page 8 Keyboard Page 9 Fujitsu Driver Update Utility Page 10 Secure Digital SD Cards Page 11 Restoring Your Pre-installed Software Page 13 Appendix B: Fingerprint Sensor Device Introducing the Optional Fingerprint Sensor Device Your notebook has a built-in This system brings the computing power of desktop personal computers PCs to a portable environment.

Check the service kit that came with your notebook for the Limited Warranty period and terms and conditions. Page Getting To Know Your Lifebook Getting to Know Your LifeBook Overview This section describes the components of your Fujitsu LifeBook S notebook.

We strongly recommend that you read it before using your notebook — even if you are already familiar with notebook computers. Figure 1. Fujitsu LifeBook S notebook Web Camera The built-in camera has a resolution of 2. For instructions on using the camera, see the help files that are included with the webcam software application. Stereo Microphones The built-in stereo microphones allow you to record voice and annotations.

Page 20 Status Indicator Panel The Status Indicator Panel displays symbols that correspond with a specific component of your LifeBook notebook. DC Power Jack The DC power jack allows you to plug in the AC adapter to power your LifeBook notebook and charge the internal Lithium ion battery.

Page 22 USB 2. USB 2. Page 24 REFER TO THE UJITSU WEBSITE AT HTTP SOLUTIONS FUJITSU Express Card Slot TheE xpress Card Slot allows you to install an Express Card. Flexible Bay The flexible bay can accommodate any of the following modular devices. Page Back Panel Components External Video Port Anti-Theft Lock Slot Figure 5.

Anti-theft Lock Slot The anti-theft lock slot allows you to attach an optional physical lock down device. External Video Port The external monitor port allows you to connect an external monitor or LCD projector. Page Bottom Components Flexible Bay Device Lock Air Vents multiple locations Memory Upgrade Compartment Dust Filter Cover Port Replicator Connector Battery Release Latch Battery Release Latch Lithium ion Battery Pack Figure 6.

Memory Upgrade Compartment Your notebook comes with high speed Double Data Rate 3 Synchronous Dynamic RAM DDR3 SDRAM. Page 27 Flexible Bay Device Lock The flexible bay device lock is used to lock and release a modular flexible bay device in the flexible bay. Port Replicator Connector This connector allows you to connect the optional Port Replicator to your Tablet PC.

Battery Release Latches The battery release latches are used to lock and release the battery in the battery bay. Page Status Indicator Panel Drive Access Figure 7. Status Indicator Panel Status Indicator Panel The Status Indicators display symbols that correspond to specific components of your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook. The LEDs below each symbol tell you how each of those components is operating. Power Indicator The Power indicator symbol shows whether your system is operational.

If you are charging your battery, the Power indicator will remain on even if your notebook is shut off. The Power indicator will also remain on if you have either adapter connected and are shut down from Windows. Page Keyboard Figure 8. Keyboard Using the Keyboard Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook has an integral key keyboard. The keys perform all the standard functions of a key keyboard, including the Windows keys and other special function keys.

This section describes the following keys. Page 34 Function Keys Your LifeBook notebook has 12 function keys, F1 through F The functions assigned to these keys differ for each application. You should refer to your software documentation to find out how these keys are used. Touchpad pointing device The Touchpad pointing device comes built into your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook.

It is used to control the movement of the pointer to select items on your display panel. Page 36 To the right of the touchpad is a circular dimple, approximately an inch in diameter. Note that the scroll wheel does not actually move; Page 37 Double-Clicking Double-clicking means pushing and releasing the left button twice in rapid succession. This procedure does not function with the right button.

To double-click, move the cursor to the item you wish to select, press the left button twice, and immediately release it. You can also perform the double-click operation by tapping lightly on the Touchpad twice. Page 38 Dragging Dragging means pressing and holding the left button, while moving the cursor. To drag, move the cursor to the item you wish to move. Press and hold the left button while moving the item to its new location and then release it.

This is particularly useful when you are navigating through on-line pages. To use the sensor, slide your finger forwards or backwards, depending upon the direction you want to scroll. Page Navigating Using Gestures Windows 7 Systems Navigating Using Gestures Windows 7 systems The touchpad allows you to use gestures to zoom in or out on a page or scroll quickly through large documents.

Zooming In: To zoom in on a page using the touchpad, simply place two fingers together on the touchpad and move them away from each other. Double-click Mouse, and the Mouse Properties window will appear. Select the Device Settings tab and click the [Settings Page 42 Figure Speeding up cursor movement Figure Page Volume Control Volume Control Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook has multiple volume controls which interact with each other.

Page Flexible Bay Devices Figure Flexible Bay Flexible Bay Devices Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook contains a Flexible Bay. The Flexible Bay can house an optical drive, a Lithium ion battery, or a weight saver. Your Flexible Bay will have one of the following devices installed. Shut down your LifeBook notebook. Page Passwords Passwords The user and supervisor password may be set on this notebook.

A supervisor password is typically the same for all LifeBook notebooks in a working group, office, or company to allow for system management. Individual LifeBook notebooks in a group environment should not use a common password. A password consists of one to five button strokes plus the [Enter] button.

Page 48 Depending upon your operating system, use the appropriate procedure below. Windows XP: Go to the Start menu. Click on Run. EXE, then press [Enter] Follow the on-screen instructions to set the Supervisor password. Windows Vista and Windows 7: Go to the Start menu. Page Precautions Precautions Opening and Closing the Cover Closing the cover automatically places the notebook into suspend mode.

Opening it does not place the notebook into normal operation automatically. The setting can be changed in Power Options Control Panel. Page 51 User: Go to Start Menu, Click on Control Panel. Open Programs In Windows Vista and Windows 7: Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Fujitsu America charges a service fee for unlocking a password restricted LifeBook notebook. When calling please have a valid credit card and provide proof of ownership. You will then be given instructions on where to ship your notebook.

Page 53 To change an application associated with the Application buttons, click on the tab for the button you would like to reconfigure — for example, Application A. Click on Browse from Start Menu, scroll down the list of applications, click on the application you wish to launch with this button, and then click OK. The button will now launch the new application.

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