Ktm ponny 2 bedienungsanleitung pdf



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Ktm ponny 2 bedienungsanleitung pdf

Manuals Brands KTM Manuals Motorcycle ENDURO LC4 Owner's manual KTM LC4 Owner's Manual Ktm owner's manual. Quick Links. See also: Owner's Manual. Related Manuals for KTM LC4 Motorcycle KTM LC4 Adventure Owner's Manual 58 pages. Motorcycle KTM DUKE II Owner's Manual 50 pages. NR: 3. Page 2 BODY AND YOUR LIFE. Please insert the serial numbers of your motorcycle in the boxes below Frame number Engine number Key number Page 3 If maintenance work should become necessary during a competition it should be performed by a trained mechanic.

KTM strongly recommends that all service work to your KTM should be performed by a qualified KTM dealer. The LC4 Supermoto model is designed for regular on-road service but not for use off of paved roads. Page 5: Table Of Contents Chain maintenance Page 6: Serial Number Locations If this happens, pull the manual decompression lever and start again.

Afterwards normal starting will be possible. While pushing, pull the hand decompression lever to make it easier to get the engine going. Page 7: Multi-Functional Digital Speedometer Display shows all of the information that may be of interest to you.

The indicator lamps provide additional information on the motorcycle's running condition. Display TEST When you switch on the ignition, all of the display elements will light up for 1 second for the function test. You can have the speed and distance shown in kilometers or miles in the display.

The display can be adapted to the respective country on long- distance trips. To switch from kilometers to miles, switch on the ignition and press the MODE button for approx. When the lowest bar lights up, the cooling liquid has reached a temperature of approx. Page Combination Switch Combination switch The rocker switch LIGHTS actuates the high beam or low beam.

Press flasher switch towards switch housing to switch off the flasher. The horn is sounded with button Starter tip switch, emergency OFF tip switch, light switch The emergency off switch Page Fuel Tap OFF In this position the fuel tap is closed. No fuel may flow to the carburetor. ON When using the motorcycle, the twist grip must be set to the ON position.

Now fuel may flow to carburetor. In this position the tank empties down to the fuel reserve of approx. Page Compression Damping Of Fork Holding bars The passenger can hold on to the holding bars on the rear end of the vehicle. Page Driving Instructions If the level of brake fluid falls below the minimum value, this indicates a leak in the braking system or completely worn out brake pads. Arrange for the braking system to be checked by a KTM specialist, as complete failure of the braking system can be avoided.

Page Starting When The Engine Is Cold 6 Do not accelerate; operate starter button 7 If the engine starts, push the choke lever back a little bit, as soon as the engine runs unevenly. Page Stopping And Parkling see illustration. Make sure that the ground is solid and that your motorcycle is standing securely.

To check this put motorcycle on a stand so that the front wheel is off the ground. Now try to move the fork forward and backward. To adjust, loosen the five clamp Page Changing The Spring Preload Of The Shock Absorber Measure the distance between the two discs at various points around their circumferences. The space should be at least 2. Have the rubber ring replaced by an KTM dealer when compaction due to wear has exceeded this lower limit.

Page Checking Chain Tension Checking chain tension To check, jack up the motorcycle on the center stand or frame until it no longer touches the ground. Press the chain up approx. The chain should barely touch the swing arm when the upper chain part is tensioned. We recommend that you continue to use it. DOT 5. Page Adjisting Of Free Travel At The Hand Brake Lever min.

In this way, the position of the point of pressure i. Page Checking The Front Brake Pads Checking the front brake pads LC4 Supermoto The brake pads can be inspected from behind. Always inspect the brake pad linings before taking off on your motorcycle.

They should not be thinner than 1 mm 0. Page Check The Rear Brake Fluid Level min. Page Dismounting And Mounting The Front Wheel Lc4 Dismounting and mounting the front wheel LC4 To remove the front wheel, jack the motorcycle up on its frame so that the front wheel no longer touches the ground.

Loosen both clamp screws on the left fork leg. Then loosen the collar Page Dismounting And Mounting The Rear Wheel 5 mm Dismounting and mounting the rear wheel To remove the rear wheel, jack the motorcycle up on its frame so that the rear wheel no longer touches the ground. Loosen the collar nut and pull out the wheel spindle caliper support is still held. Page Tires, Air Pressure see illustration. A clear tone must be the result. Dull tones indicate loose spokes. If necessary, have the spokes retightened and the wheel centered by a KTM dealer.

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Page Fuses Replace a blown fuse only with an equivalent one. If a new fuse that has just been set in gets blown again, you are strongly advised to have it inspected by a KTM dealer. Page Exchanging The Brake Light And Tail Light Bulb To mount the lamp reverse the worksteps indicated above. NOTE: Since the bulb on the tail end is subjected to higher vibrations, heavy-duty bulbs are available from your KTM dealer.

Cooling system Coolant is circulated by a water pump located in the engine. When the engine is cold the cooling liquid circulates only through the cylinder and the cylinder head. Page Changing The Orginal Position Of The Clutch Lever 4 mm 0. If necessary, add SAE 10 biodegradable hydraulic oil Motorex Kupplungs- fluid 75available from your authorized KTM workshop. Page Draining The Carburetor Float Chamber Only use fully synthetic engine oils that meet the JASO MA quality require- ments see information on the can.

Page Oil Circuit Therefore, we recommend that you have the engine oil changed by your authorized KTM mechanic. During the guaranty period, the oil change must be performed by an authorized KTM mechanic. Otherwise, the guarantee will become void. Page Changing Oil Filter Let the motor run until it warms. Check the oil drain plugs and the fine screen filter to make sure they are properly sealed.

Check the level of the motor oil. Place the motorcycle on a horizontal surface main stand and wait for 5 minutes. Checking the oil level, he should be between the two marks on the inspection glass, however, it must never rise above the MAX mark. Page Trouble Shooting We would like to point out that many operations cannot be performed by oneself. In case of uncertainty, please contact a KTM-dealer. Page 43 Replace the float Replace membrane Check vacuum hose and venting hose of carburetor for correct position no kinks Clean or replace air filter, contact a KTM dealer Have valve clearance adjusted Check setting of the hand decompression cable Have ignition system checked Page 44 Recharge the battery according to the relevant instructions.

Remove seat and check voltage regulator connections; voltage regulator and generator should be checked by a KTM dealer. Replace the main fuse 1 under the seat Check the sensor cable for damage and replace it if necessary. Page Cleaning — After the motorcycle has been rinsed with a soft water jet, it should be dried by air pressure and a cloth.

Then take a short drive until the engine has reached the working temperature and also use the brakes. Due to the heat, the water also evaporates at the unapproachable parts of the engine and the brakes. Page Head Word Index Filler cap Page 50 KTM Group Partner KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG A— Mattighofen www. This manual is also suitable for: lc4 enduro lc4 supermoto Print page 1 Print document 50 pages.

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Manuals Brands KTM Manuals Motorcycle LC2 Owner's handbook manual KTM LC2 Owner's Handbook Manual. Quick Links. Related Manuals for KTM LC2 Motorcycle KTM Owner's Handbook Manual Ktm-sportmotorcycle ag motorcycle user manual 67 pages. Motorcycle KTM SX Owner's Manual Ktm owner's manual motorcycle sx, sx 46 pages. Ktm owner's manual motorcycle exc, exc six days xc, xc-w, exc xc, xc-w, exc, exc six days xc, xc-w, exc-e, exc-e six days 74 pages.

Page 4 Introduction We would like to congratulate you on your purchase of a KTM motorcycle. You are now owner of a sporty and modern motorcycle which you are bound to have a great time with, provided you care for it properly. This manual will furnish you with important information on how to operate and maintain your new KTM motorcycle. Page 5: Table Of Contents INDEX Page Checking the rear brake fluid level Page 6: Locating The Serial Numbers LOCATING THE SERIAL NUMBERS Frame number The frame number is stamped on the right side of the steering head tube.

Write the number into the box on page 1. Engine number, engine type Engine number and engine type are stamped into the engine housing underneath the carburetor. Page 7: Hand Brake Lever Hand brake lever The hand brake lever is mounted on the right side of the handlebar.

Page 8: Combination Switch Combination switch The rocker switch actuates the high beam and low beam. Press flasher switch towards switch housing to switch off the flasher. The horn is sounded with button The light signal high beam is actuated with button NOTE: The engine must be running in order to be able to check that all current consumers are functioning correctly.

Page 9: Fuel Engine oil: 2-stroke engine oil suitable for a mixing ratio of and for separate lubrication KTM recommends SHELL ADVANCE VSX2 To open it: pull vent hose out of the frame and turn closure cap counter- clockwise. To close it: apply closure cap and turn it clockwise.

Stick vent hose into frame and install it without kinks. Page Shift Lever Shift lever The shift lever is mounted on the left side of the engine. The position of the gears is shown in the illustration. Neutral, or the idle speed, is located between first and second gear. Page Driving Instructions — Luggage Arrange for the braking system to be checked by a KTM — Driver and passenger with protective clothing and helmet.

NOTE: — When you turn on the ignition, you will hear a brief whirring sound. F THE RADIATOR CAP IS REMOVED WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT HOT COO Depending on the conditions traffic, road gradient, etc. Page Check And Adjust Steering Head Bearing The steering head bearings should be regreased after 2 years at the latest. Changing the spring preload of the shock absorber KTM sets the shock absorber for driver only, weighing approximately 75 kg lb.

If you want to take a passenger with you, of if you weigh consi- derably more or less than 75 kg lbyou should change the spring preload accordingly. Page Readjusting Chain Tension In this case, consult an authorized KTM dealer immediately. We recom- mend that you continue to use it. DOT 5. Page Hand Brake Lever, Setting Of Pressure Point Hand brake lever, setting of pressure point The pressure point is the point of resistance felt on the hand brake lever when the brake pads contact the brake disc.

The hand brake lever move- ment from start to pressure point can be adjusted by adjustment screw This way the play can be adjusted to fit any hand size. The free play at the foot brake pedal must then be adjusted by means of the push rod Measured on the outside, the foot brake pedal must have mm 0. Page Tires, Air Pressure see illustra- tion. A clear tone must be the result. Dull tones indicate loose spokes. If necessary, have the spokes retightened and the wheel centered by a KTM dealer.

Page Replacing The Head Light Bulb Replacing the head light bulb For this purpose, remove right and left screws and pivot top of headlight mask forward. For replacing the headlight lamp, pull out connector of the lamp, turn retaining ring counterclockwise, remove it, and remove old lamp. Install new lamp such that the bulb pins engage with the socket groove Mount retaining ring and connector. Page Charging The Battery Charging the battery Remove the battery and check the charging level.

Use a voltmeter to mea- sure the voltage between the battery poles off-load voltage. Accurate results can only be obtained if the battery has neither been charged nor discharged during a period of 30 minutes preceding the measuring. Page Checking The Cooling Liquid Level Checking the cooling liquid level The cooling liquid should be 10 mm 0,4 in above the cooling elements when the engine is cold cf.

In the event of the cooling liquid being drained, always fill the system before hand, then top off while the 10 mm engine is running. Page Checking The Gear Oil Level Checking the gear oil level To make checking the gear oil level easy, an inspection glass is disposed at the right side of the engine. Page Trouble Shooting KTM dealer defective ignition lock or emer- check ignition lock and emergency OFF switch gency OFF switch consult an authorized KTM dealer Engine cranks but fails to emergency OFF switch is set to position emergency OFF switch such that is visible.

Page 27 TROUBLE REMEDY CAUSE Engine fails to rev high disassemble and clean carburetor, and check it for wear fuel level in carburetor is too high replace float needle valve — leaking float needle valve replace float — float is not tight resurface float — Page Cleaning CLEANING Clean the motorcycle at regular intervals to preserve the outward appearance of the plastic parts.

The best manner would be to use warm water that has been mixed with a normal trade washing detergent and a sponge. The hard dirt can be removed before with the help of a soft water jet. Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.