Bmw x3 f25 bedienungsanleitung pdf



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Bmw x3 f25 bedienungsanleitung pdf

I'd love to be emailed when a new, high quality document is available for my BMW X3. My email address is:. What for? Toggle navigation. Home Workshop Manuals BMW X3. BMW X3 Service and Repair Manuals Every Manual available online - found by our community and shared for FREE. BMW X3 The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover sport utility vehicle produced by German automaker BMW since BMW markets the crossover as a Sports Activity Vehicle, the company's proprietary descriptor for its X-line of vehicles.

It was officially presented at the Detroit Auto Show in BMW upgraded the model in and facelifted the model inwith revised body bumpers, engine, interior trim, and suspension. In BMW sold 20 percent more X3s than inmaking sales ofvehicles. On 18 Junethe ,th X3 was produced in Graz. Get notified for new files? BMW X3 Manuals Index BMW X3 Owners Manual. BMW X3 Owners Manual. Related Models. BMW Official Website.

Never miss out: Get notified when new BMW X3 documents are added. About Manuals. Manuals and Codes Workshop Repair Manuals OBD II Trouble Codes. Recommended Manuals BMW Workshop Manuals Ford Workshop Manuals Toyota Workshop Manuals Dodge Workshop Manuals Chevrolet Workshop Manuals.

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Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Automobile X3 - Owner's manual BMW X3 Owner's Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Online Edition for Part no. Related Manuals for BMW X3 Automobile BMW X3 Datasheet 2 pages. Automobile BMW X3 3. OWNER'S MANUAL. Page 3 The more familiar you are with your vehicle, the better control you will have on the road.

We therefore strongly suggest: Read this Owner's Manual before starting off in your new BMW. Also use the Integrated Owner's Manual in your vehicle. Page 7 Addendum injuries. Fuel Wheels and tires Engine compartment Notes Engine oil Coolant At a glance Maintenance Cockpit Replacing components iDrive Breakdown assistance Page Parts And Accessories BMW for this purpose.

Page Service And Warranty Service and warranty ous damage to the vehicle. Such damage is not covered by the BMW New Vehicle Limited We recommend that you read this publication Warranty. Page 14 However, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual problems between you, your dealer, or BMW of North America, LLC. Page At A Glance At a glance These overviews of buttons, switches and displays are intended to familiarize you with your vehicle.

You will also become quickly acquainted with the available control concepts and options. Page Cockpit At a glance Cockpit Cockpit Vehicle features and options the selected options or country versions. This also applies to safety-related functions and This chapter describes all standard, country- systems. The respectively applicable country specific and optional features offered with the provisions must be observed when using the series. It also describes features that are not care instructions.

Page 23 iDrive At a glance Turn. Press button Function BACK Displays the previous panel. OPTION Opens the Options menu. Controller without navigation system The buttons can be used to open the menus directly. The controller can be used to select menu items and enter the settings.

Page 24 At a glance iDrive Buttons on controller Selecting menu items Highlighted menu items can be selected. Press button Function Turn the controller until the desired menu MENU Open the main menu. Display of an opened menu When selecting a menu, it generally opens with the panel that was last selected in that menu.

Page General Information iDrive At a glance Turn the controller to set the hours and Symbol Meaning press the controller. Text message was received. Turn the controller to set the minutes and press the controller. Check the SIM card. SIM card is blocked. Status information SIM card is missing. Page Voice Activation System Voice activation system At a glance Voice activation system Vehicle features and options Using voice activation This chapter describes all standard, country- Activating the voice activation system specific and optional features offered with the series.

It also describes features that are not Press button on the steering necessarily available in your car, e. Page Adjusting The Volume At a glance Voice activation system Executing functions using short Press button on the steering commands wheel. It almost doesn't matter which menu item is selected, e. Instead, use the SOS button, refer to pageclose to the interior mirror.

Page Integrated Owner's Manual In The Vehicle At a glance Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle Vehicle features and options Select components This chapter describes all standard, country- Press button. Page 37 Controls This chapter is intended to provide you with information that will give you complete control of your vehicle.

All features and accessories that are useful for driving and your safety, comfort and convenience are described here. Page 38 Controls Opening and closing Opening and closing Vehicle features and options Overview This chapter describes all standard, country- specific and optional features offered with the series.

It also describes features that are not necessarily available in your car, e. Always take the remote control with you imported via BMW Online. Page Courtesy Lights Controls Opening and closing Locking Press button on the remote control for approx. Page Unlocking And Locking Controls Opening and closing From the inside Ensure that adequate clearance is available before opening. Unlocking and locking Opening from the outside Via the buttons for the central locking system.

Page Manual Operation Controls Opening and closing Provide edge protection Sharp objects or those with edges can hit the rear window while driving and damage the heat conductors of the rear window. Page 47 Opening and closing Controls Locking The vehicle automatically detects the remote control when it is in close proximity or in the car's interior. Page 48 Controls Opening and closing In addition to locking, the windows and the leg must pass through the ranges of both glass sunroof close and the exterior mirrors sensors.

Unlocking the tailgate separately Press button on tailgate's exterior This corresponds with pressing the button on the remote control. Page 51 Opening and closing Controls Interior motion sensor Press button on the remote control for at least 3 seconds. The windows and glass sunroof must be closed for the system to function properly. To switch off the alarm: press any button. Hint The window closes automatically. Pulling Take the remote control with you again stops the motion.

Take the remote control with you when See also: closing by means of Comfort Access, leaving the vehicle so that children, e. Page Sitting Safely Controls Adjusting Adjusting Vehicle features and options Keep the movement area unobstructed When changing the seat position, keep This chapter describes all standard, country- the seat's area of movement unobstructed; specific and optional features offered with the otherwise, people might get injured or objects series.

Electrically adjustable seats Height At a glance Pull the lever and apply your weight to the seat or lift it off, as necessary. Page Lumbar Support Controls Adjusting Thigh support Height. Pull the lever at the front of the seat and adjust Seat tilt. Page Safety Belts Adjusting Controls Front seat heating If the journey is continued within approx. Switch off Press button longer. Page Front Headrests Controls Adjusting Putting on the belt Press the red button in the belt buckle.

Make sure that the belt lies Safety belt reminder for driver's and low around the hips in the lap area and does passenger's seat Page Rear Head Restraints Do not hang objects, e. Switch on the ignition. The center head restraint cannot be removed. Set the desired position. Before transporting passengers Press button. Page Automatic Dimming Feature Controls Adjusting Interior rearview mirror, manually Engage selector lever position R.

Fold in and out Press button. Possible at speeds up to approx. Page Steering Wheel Adjusting Controls Steering wheel Note Do not adjust while driving Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving; otherwise, an unexpected movement could result in an accident. Page 66 Controls Transporting children safely Transporting children safely Vehicle features and options the selected options or country versions. Follow manufacturer's information for Assembly of LATCH child restraint LATCH child restraint systems systems Seat backrest Upper retaining strap The door can now be opened from the outside only.

Page Diesel Engine Driving Controls Diesel engine The radio-ready state remains active if, e. The engine is switched off. Using the button After the engine starts, accelerate as usual. Safety mode After the engine switches off automatically, it will not start again automatically if any one of the following conditions are met.

Page While Driving Controls Driving Malfunction The indicator lamp lights up red. The parking brake is set. A Check Control message is displayed. It is possible to While driving continue driving. Have the system checked. Use as emergency brake while driving: Pull the reel and hold it. Turn signal The indicator lamp changes from green Do not adjust the exterior mirrors to red.

Push wiper lever up. Page Windshield Washer Nozzles Controls Driving Interval mode or rain sensor Clean the windshield, headlights The concept The rain sensor automatically controls the time between wipes depending on the intensity of the rainfall. Page 79 Follow the sition when released. Recommended minimum fill quantity: Kickdown 0.

Push the selector lever forward or pull it backward. Press unlock button, in order to: Manual mode becomes active and the gear is changed. Page 82 Controls Driving shift paddle. The starting engine speed adjusts.