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Quigg handbuch

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Index Search Members Calendar Help. In case of issues use this topic. Hello There, Guest! Login Register Login at pilight. Welcome to the pilight forum! Have fun posting here, but do read the forum rules before posting.

Remember me Lost Password? NeoFlo Junior Member. Posts: 10 Threads: 4 Joined: Feb Reputation: 0. Quick "googling" at local ALDI: ah. Quigg mentioned in Forum, should be possible to get them working By now i am working at the raw codes - reverse engineering Currently i have at least working RAW codes: in batch A, mine Code:. Posts: 1, Threads: 30 Joined: Mar Reputation: Hi NeoFlo, Welcome to our Forum.

Please read the HELP section and reformat your posting accordingly in particular please use Code tags to keep the posting smaller. Your protocol seems to have similarities with the GT protocol, but i am not yet sure. It definitely is different to the GT protocol. As a starting point for your own investigation: A The last two values are the footer. Divide the last value by 34 and check the result with the other values.

Doing so may answer several of your questions. Please post the results and based on your addtional findings we may be able to find a solution. Posts: Threads: 17 Joined: Dec Reputation: 6. I see a pattern. NeoFlo : What is interessting to know: How do you change the code id of the remote control: Are there DIP switches, is there a Button "New Code", or does the code change after changing the battery of the remote control? Please ensure that the various data sets are properly identifiable when you post them.

Perhaps No. RTFM: "Die Programmierung der FB bleibt auch nach Entfernen der Batterie erhalten" - No Code Change I think the Manufacturer does a "Branding" - and "On" is fixed per Remote. I will take the second Remote in a minute and post RAW data. The first Remote shows STATIC Behavior. Second Remote 3 On and Off RAW : Code:.

For "Second Remote 3 On and Off RAW :" you post 4 RAW codes. Which one is what? Posts: 10 Threads: 0 Joined: Feb Reputation: 0. I have the same remote GT with GT-FSI switches lying around here, so maybe someone can jump in and tell me what I need to do that we may have a protocol soon. Okay, I found some time and recorded all of the codes of my remote in pilight-raw: Row 1: ON: Code:. Just installed 3x pilight 7. To Do: Look for a logical Order in this Signals and rewrite an availible Script so that it fits.

Yours seem to be a bit noisy. Maybe we get 8 to 12 different Code Pairs and use them as static to program the switches and ignore the Remotes. Or impossible? View a Printable Version. Browsing: 1 Guest s. Navigation Index Search Members Calendar Help. Quick links Contact Us RSS Syndication View New Posts View Today's Posts Lite Archive Mode.

Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. This forum uses Lukasz Tkacz MyBB addons. Brennenstuhl RCR CE1 with QUIGG GT Protocol.