Bedienungsanleitung ducati multistrada 1200 s 2013



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Bedienungsanleitung ducati multistrada 1200 s 2013

My previous two bikes were the ballistic Kawasaki ZZR and a rugged BMW RGS Adventure — so the Multistrada was hopefully going to be the best of both worlds. I was initially attracted to the Italian Ducati styling, the bhp, the innovative electronics for altering the root settings of electronic engine, suspension, traction control and ABS mode, and the Skyhook semi-active suspension.

It was going to be the bike that would let me bomb along UK or European motorways, tootle gently around minor country lanes, explore mountain roads and be at home on easy gravel tracks, and take me safely on everything from sweeping B roads to city-centre ring-roads, in the summer and winter, in the rain, dry, or even autumnally leafy, greasy weather.

I have completely fallen for the Ducati Multistrada S, it just does everything I ask of it really well. At last I have found a perfect bike to pack on my camping gear and escape for a few days or weeks, and explore. It is the sort of bike that, having dismounted at a petrol stop or cafe I just have to turn around and have another look at it as I walk away.

Related: Ducati unveils Multistrada The Ducati feels light and nimble on the road whatever the conditions. Over the years, as well as regularly exploring the four corners of England and Wales, I have toured France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Crete. The Ducati lives up to its name and has loved the long-distance French autoroutes south to Grenoble and the sweeping Route Napoleon. It enjoyed sitting trackside at Le Mans, exploring the Somme, the Rhine and the Black Forest.

It was very capable on wet, snowy Swiss passes, Alpine twisties and the gravel roads of the mountains in Greece and Crete. I cannot fault its handling at all. The four switchable engine modes Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro can be simply changed while on the road, swiftly altering the preset power, suspension, DTC Ducati Traction Control and ABS levels to suit the conditions.

Each mode can also be individually tweaked. This serves me well on wet roads and on the ankle-deep rain-soaked autostrada outside Rome in a huge downpour last year. Being able to fine-tune the Ducati is essential for enabling it to reach its full potential. A noticeable change can be felt in the bhp Enduro mode with soft suspension, DTC at two and ABS level one. Over the years, and on the different journeys I have undertaken, and the more I have understood the electronics, I have come to appreciate more and more how the Multistrada really lives up to its name and how its handling and performance can adapt to changes in my riding preference and changes in the road surface.

The Skyhook Semi-Active Suspension is a real treat offering a great stance on hard acceleration and preventing nose-diving when breaking hard, the undulating cobbled and tram-lined streets of Naples posed no threats at all. This ever-changing by the millisecond, reactive damping mechanism adds smoothness and control to the ride whether you are touring or getting about in a hurry.

A clear routine works best. With regards to the build and quality of finish of the Ducati Multistrada S, I have been very impressed. I ride all year round and the bike has been absolutely muddy, filthy dirty and road battered after a three-week journey and left unwashed for a few weeks in the shed, but it always scrubs up into a gleaming showroom model of perfection, and I have only been using ACF aerospace anti-corrosion spray for a couple of years.

The standard seat is very comfortable and I can happily do mile days without pain. This has been a very reliable bike. It has never failed to start first time, every time. The three faults I have experienced over the years have been relatively minor. The fuel gauge sensor packed in six months ago so the engine and low-fuel lights blinked at me on every journey. Eventually I ordered a replacement but before I could get it fitted I had a spluttering high-speed power loss on the outside lane of the M6 Toll motorway, I limped home slowly.

It was a failed exhaust pressure sensor — I had ignored the engine error light as it had been flashing because of the fuel gauge sensor, but I guess it had been trying to tell me something else! The Ducati Garmin Zumo miniscule sprung connecting pins crucially failed two days into an important European trip last year, so I switched to the TomTom It is amazing how motorbike SatNavs have such tiny vulnerable connections!

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Wie oft sollte ich den Ölfilter an meinem Ducati Motor austauschen? Bei den meisten Motoren muss alle Kilometer etwa Meilen ein Ölfilter ausgetauscht werden. Wie oft sollte ich das Öl meines Ducati Motors wechseln? Bei den meisten Motoren muss das Öl alle Kilometer ungefähr Meilen gewechselt werden.

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