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Handbuch garmin 430 deutsch

Manuals Brands Garmin Manuals GPS Cessna Caravan G Manual Garmin G Manual Pilot's training guide. Quick Links. See also: Reference ManualManual. Related Manuals for Garmin G GPS Garmin Diamond DA40 Pilot's Manual Integrated flight deck for da40 diamond star pages. Integrated flight deck for beechcraft a36 and beechcraft g36 pages. Integrated flight deck cockpit reference guide for cessna nav iii pages. Page 3: Copyright Except as expressly provided herein, no part of this manual may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, disseminated, downloaded or stored in any storage medium, for any purpose without the express written permission of Garmin.

Garmin hereby grants per- mission to download a single copy of this manual and of any revision to this manual onto a hard drive or other electronic storage Page 4: Table Of Contents Purpose Flight and Ground Instruction Level of Knowledge Attained Ground Lesson Page 5: Table Of Contents Procedure Page Exercise 1. Page Ground Lesson 3 4. Where can one verify the effective dates of the Jeppesen database during the initial system start-up?

When arriving at the aircraft, the pilot notices that the Jeppesen database data is out of date by 3 cycles 84 days. Page Ground Lesson 4 G PC-based Simulator Exercise 4. Page Ground Lesson 5 G PC-based Simulator Exercise 5. Is the active frequency being used displayed to the inside or to the outside relative to the bezel of the G navigation displays GDU ? In what color is the active frequency displayed?

Page Exercise 5. Verify the Jeppesen database effective dates and note those dates in the space provided below. Page Ground Lesson 6 Exercise 6. Page Exercise 6. Describe some of the advantages of using the Flight Plan function as opposed to continuous direct-to navigation. Exercise 6. When navigating in VOR1, VOR2, LOC1, or LOC2 mode, if an ILS, LOC, or VOR approach is selected, where is the frequency for the primary approach navigational aid automatically placed?

Page Ground Lesson 7 8. Which key should be pressed and held for 2 seconds to automatically and quickly return to the Navigation Map page? Assume that a GDL weather datalink is installed in the aircraft. Page Ground Lesson 8 9. Where is the control for the altimeter barometric pressure located?

How many feet of altitude and how many knots of airspeed make up the viewable portions of the altimeter and airspeed indicator, respectively? Page 23 It is daytime, although visibility is limited to a few miles with cloud tops at 10, feet MSL. What options should be selected to display on the PFD map inset? Page Ground Lesson 9 4. In the terrain awareness feature, what do the colors red and yellow each represent? Page Ground Lesson 10 Exercise If one display fails, which mode does the system automatically go into?

How is an AHRS failure indicated on the G? Page 26 6b. Note that, depending on the circumstances, the following action items may occur in a different order. When the AHRS fails, what is the other piece of information that is lost besides attitude? Page Ground Lesson 11 1. Page 28 Currently, the altitude is 9, feet, 50 miles from KABC.

Weather is pre- dicted to be MVFR at the destination airport. Currently, the Autopilot is set to HDG mode and ALT hold mode. We use GPS RWY 12 at KPRC to show how the G sequences through an approach and what type of annunciation and range factor changes can be expected.

Page Procedure 2 FLYING THE MISSED APPROACH As the MAP is passed, if the runway is not in view, a missed approach must be performed. Page Procedure 3 FLYING THE PROCEDURE TURN The procedure turn portion of the approach is stored as one of the legs of the approach.

Page Procedure 4 Press the PROC key and select the VOR DMW RWY 7 approach. The CDI range gradually transitions from 5. Initiate a standard rate turn to this course heading. CDI scaling is tightened from 1. Page Procedure 6 Page Procedure 9 HFD VOR. The actual desired track DTK depends on the ground speed and distance from the HFD VOR.

Once the SUSP softkey is pressed, the G automatically sequences to each waypoint along the remainder of the departure route, including the selected transition. Prior to reaching the FAF the CDI should be set to NAV1 or NAV2. Do NOT follow this extended course. If a missed approach is required, follow the missed approach procedures as published on the approach plate.

Press the SUSP softkey to return to automatic sequencing of waypoints. Figure 7 Flying the ILS Approach Rev. The CDI scaling is tight- ened from 1. Page Appendix Aviation GA aircraft. Page 53 Rev. Page 54 Unit 5, The Quadrangle Abbey Park Industrial Estate Romsey, SO51 9DL, U. Print page 1 Print document 54 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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