Yamaha yfm 90 handbuch



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Yamaha yfm 90 handbuch

Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Offroad Vehicle YFM90RY Owner's manual Yamaha YFM90RY Owner's Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY! It contains important safety information. This ATV should not be ridden by anyone under 12 years of age. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting chart Related Manuals for Yamaha YFM90RY Offroad Vehicle Yamaha YFM90RA Owner's Manual Raptor 90 pages.

Offroad Vehicle Yamaha BRUIN YFM25BV Owner's Manual Bruin atv pages. Summary of Contents for Yamaha YFM90RY Page 1 READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY! LIT 43D-F Page 2 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this ve- hicle if it is sold. This ATV represents the result of many years of Yamaha experience in the production of fine sporting, touring, and pacesetting racing machines. With the purchase of this Yamaha, you can now appreciate the high degree of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a leader in these fields.

Page 4 ATV safely. Your ATV was delivered with an adjustable speed limiter. Yamaha recommends that all beginners start off to limit the amount of speed available while they learn. The adjusting screw may be gradually turned out as the beginner becomes more familiar with operating the ATV. Particularly important information is distinguished in this manual by the following notations: This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards.

Page 6 IMPORTANT NOTICE Welcome to the Yamaha world of motor sports! This ATV is designed and manufactured for OFF-ROAD use only. It is illegal and unsafe to operate this ATV on any public street, road or highway. This ATV complies with all applicable OFF-ROAD noise level and spark arrester laws and regulations in effect at the time of manufacture.

Page 7: Table Of Contents Rear brake lever Page 8 Cleaning the spark arrester ATV LIMITED WARRANTY. OUS TO OPERATE. Page 11 operating this ATV. Never operate at speeds too fast for your skills Never operate the ATV on hills too steep for the or the riding conditions. Always go at a speed ATV or for your abilities. Practice on smaller hills that is proper for the terrain, visibility, operating before attempting larger hills.

Page 12 Avoid crossing the side of a steep hill if possible. Test your brakes after Always use proper procedures if you stall or roll leaving water. If necessary, apply them several backwards when climbing a hill. To avoid stall- times to let friction dry out the linings. Page 13 HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Always turn off the engine when refueling. Do not refuel right after the engine has been running and is still very hot. Never refuel while smoking, or in the vicinity of sparks, open flames, or other sources of ignition such as the pilot lights of water heat Page Location Of The Warning And Specification Labels Read and understand all of the labels on your ATV.

These labels contain important information for safe and proper operation. Never remove any labels from your ATV. If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, request a replace- ment label from your Yamaha dealer. Fuel cock 1. Spark arrester 2. Rear wheel 2. Seat 3. Footrest 3. Footrest 4. Front wheel Page Controls And Instruments Controls and instruments The ATV you have purchased may differ slightly from the figures shown in this manual.

Rear brake lever 2. Parking brake 3. Front brake lever 4. Throttle lever 5. Main switch 6. Fuel tank cap 7. Handlebar switches 8. Main switch The positions of the main switch are as follows: All electrical systems are supplied with power, and the engine can be started.

Page Throttle Lever If it does not work smoothly, check for the cause. Correct the problem before riding the ATV. Speed limiters Your ATV was delivered with two speed limiter devices. Page Vehicle Speed Limiter The vehicle speed limiter keeps the throttle from fully opening, even when the throttle lever is pushed to the maximum. Page Engine Speed Limiter Plate 4. Tighten the screw. WARNING 5.

Install the seat. POTENTIAL HAZARD Improper adjustment of the speed limiter and throttle. WHAT CAN HAPPEN The throttle cable could be damaged. Im- proper throttle operation could result. The child could lose control, have an accident or be injured. Page Front Brake Lever Front brake lever Rear brake lever The rear brake lever is located on the left handle- The front brake lever is located on the right handle- bar. To apply the rear brake, pull the brake lever to- bar. To apply the front brake, pull the brake lever ward the handlebar grip.

Page Parking Brake Parking brake WARNING Use the parking brake before starting the engine or POTENTIAL HAZARD parking the ATV, especially on a slope. Apply the Improper use of the parking brake. Page Fuel Tank Cap Fuel tank cap Remove the fuel tank cap by turning it counter- clockwise. Fuel level 2. Filler tube Recommended fuel: UNLEADED GASOLINE ONLY Fuel tank capacity: 4. Fuel tank cap Fuel reserve amount: 1. Page 27 Fuel can spill, which can cause a fire and se- vere injury.

Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use Fuel expands when it heats up. If the fuel regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane Page Fuel Cock With the fuel cock lever in this position, fuel flows Fuel cock to the carburetor. Turn the fuel cock lever to this The fuel cock supplies fuel from the tank to the car- position when starting the engine and riding.

Page Choke Choke Seat The choke is used to start a cold engine. To remove the seat Move the choke in direction a to turn on the Pull the seat lock lever upward and pull up the seat choke. Move the choke in direction b to turn off the choke. Page Kickstarter To install the seat 2. Move the kickstarter lever down lightly with your Insert the projection on the front of the seat into the foot until the gears engage, and then push it seat holder and push down on the seat at the rear.

Page Pre-Operation Checks Always follow the inspection and maintenance procedures and schedules described in the Own- er's Manual. The maintenance of some items in the table has to be performed by a Yamaha dealer. Refer to the "Periodic maintenance and lubrication charts" on page to determine which service should be performed by a Page 32 Front brake Lubricate cable if necessary.

Check operation. If soft or spongy, have Yamaha dealer bleed hydraulic system. Check brake pads for wear, and replace if necessary. Rear brake Page Fuel Fuel expands when it heats up.

On our website yamaha-motor. The YFM90R balances power with a range of features to give you total peace of mind. A simple CDI plug-in adjusts engine power output to suit different riding abilities while a parking brake on the handlebar ensures that the YFM90R stays exactly where you last left it.

The fully automated gearbox makes it even easier to ride and it's thinking like this that makes YFM90R the kids' ATV that adults love too. Exploration, a world of fun and a thrilling outdoor experience with friends - that's the promise of Yamaha's leisure range.

You are about to leave this website. Are you sure? I agree, take me there Cancel. Yes, I agree No, I refuse Find out more. YouTubeand also to allow you to easily share content from our website on social media, such as Facebook. Home ATV Sport. YFM90R The YFM90R may be small in size, but it's equipped with several features found on larger Yamaha models - including double A-arm independent front suspension, a rear disc brake, CVT transmission and electric start. The kids' ATV that adults love too.

YFM90R Exploration, a world of fun and a thrilling outdoor experience with friends - that's the promise of Yamaha's leisure range. Racing Blue. View all. ATV Finance Sports ATV Brochure. Find a dealer near you Go to locator. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Yamaha encourage you to ride safely and respect fellow riders and the environment.

Images shown depict professional riders performing under controlled conditions. Specifications and appearance of Yamaha products as shown here are subject to change without notice and may vary according to requirements and conditions. For further details, please consult your Yamaha dealer.