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Aeg lavamat handbuch

Manuals Brands AEG Manuals Washer LAVAMAT W User information AEG LAVAMAT W User Information. Quick Links. LAVAMAT W Related Manuals for AEG LAVAMAT W Washer AEG LAVAMAT W Instruction Book Aeg washer user manual 48 pages. Summary of Contents for AEG LAVAMAT W Page 1 LAVAMAT W Washing Machine User information Page 2 Dear Customer, Please read this user information carefully. Pay particular attention to the section "Safety" on the first Info pages. Please keep this user information in a safe place for later reference.

Pass it on to any future owners of the unit. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents CONTENTS Operating Instructions Page 4 Contents Programme Tables Page 5 Contents Electrical connection Page 6: Operating Instructions Operating Instructions Operating Instructions Safety The safety aspects of AEG electrical appliances comply with accepted technical standards and the German Appliance Safety Law.

However, as manufacturers we regard it as our responsibility to inform you about the following safety instructions. Risk of suffocation! Keep packaging away from children. Do not touch! This saves detergent, water and time and is gentle on the environment. Page 12 Operating Instructions RINSE Separate rinse followed by spin or rinse hold, eg.

Rinse hold means: The washing remains lying in the last rinsing water. It is not spun. Page Temperature Selector Operating Instructions GENTLE RINSE Separate gentle rinse followed by short spin or rinse hold, eg. Page Consumption Values And Time Requirements Operating Instructions Consumption values and time requirements The values for selected programmes in the following tables were deter- mined under standardized conditions.

They are nonetheless a useful guide for domestic use. Filling Temperature Water Energy Time in Programme knob quantity selector in litres in kWh Page Before The First Wash Operating Instructions Before the First Wash 1. Pull the washing powder drawer out slightly. Pour about 1 litre of water through the washing powder drawer into the washing machine.

The next time a programme is started the solu- tion container will be closed and the eco-sluice can function correctly. This improves the washing effect and the washing is more favourably distributed during spinning. Page Washing Detergents And Care Agents Operating Instructions Washing Detergents and Care Agents Which detergent and care agent? Use only detergents and care agents which are suitable for use in wash- ing machines. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How much detergent and care agent? Page Running A Wash Cycle Operating Instructions Running a Wash Cycle Brief Instructions To run a wash cycle: 1. Open the door and fill with washing. Close the door. Set the wash programme — Set the programme using the programme knob; — Page Add The Washing Operating Instructions Add the washing For the maximum filling quantities, see the "Program tables".

See "Sort and prepare washing" for information on correctly preparing the washing. Sort and prepare the washing according to type. Open the filling door: Pull on the handle of the filling door. Pull out the washing powder drawer as far as it will go. Only turn the pro- gramme knob in a clockwise di- rection. If RINSE HOLD is selected the washing will remain in the last rinse water; Page Wash Programme Progress Operating Instructions Wash Programme Progress Programme progress display The programme knob is also a programme progress display.

It turns clockwise as the programme progresses until it ends, showing the stage of the programme that is currently being carried out. The speed at which the pro- gramme knob turns varies. If SOAKING has been selected: Release SOAKING button. If RINSE HOLD has been selected: The water must first be pumped out or the washing must still be spun. Either release the RINSE HOLD button water is pumped out and the washing spun according to the pro- gramme that has been run; Page Programme Tables Operating Instructions Programme Tables Not all possible settings are listed below - only the most appropriate and those most commonly used in everyday operation.

Washing Maximum Type of Filling Quan- Temperature Additional Washing, Programme Knob tity Selector Buttons Possible Care Symbols dry weight PRE WASH SOAKING Page Separate Rinse Operating Instructions Separate Rinse Max. Page Cleaning And Care Operating Instructions Cleaning and Care Control panel Important! Do not use any furniture cleaning agents or aggressive cleaning agents in order to clean panel and control parts.

Wipe control panels with a damp cloth. When doing so, use warm wa- ter. Page Washing Drum Operating Instructions 7. Use a brush to clean the entire rinsing-in section of the washing machine, particularly also the noz- zles on the top side of the rinsing- in chamber. Set the detergent drawer into the guide tracks and push in. Washing Drum The washing drum is made of stainless steel. Page What To Do If Operating Instructions What to do if Remedying Faults In the event of a fault, try to solve the problem yourself with the aid of the information provided here.

If you call Customer Service to deal with one of the faults listed here or to remedy an operating fault, the customer service technician's visit will not be free of charge, even dur- ing the warranty period. Page 31 Operating Instructions Problem Possible Cause Remedy Remove transport packaging The transport packaging has according to the installation not been removed. Adjust the feet according to The height-adjustable screw the instructions for installa- feet are not correctly set. Page Drain Pump Operating Instructions When the water is completely drained: 6.

Push the plug securely into the emergency drainage hose and turn it clockwise to secure it. Replace the emergency drainage hose in its holder. Put on the flap and close. Drain pump The drain pump is maintainance-free. Page 36 Operating Instructions 5. Check that you are able to turn the pump wheel at the very rear of the pump housing. If the wheel rotates with a jerky motion, this is normal.

If you cannot turn the pump wheel, please contact customer service. Page Child Safety Feature Operating Instructions Child Safety Feature If the child safety feature is set, the filling door can no longer be closed and no washing program can be started. Setting the child safety feature Use a coin to turn the rotary knob on the inside of the filling door clockwise as far as it will go.

Electronic components can get wet. A damaged unit must never be put into operation under any circumstances. Page Installation Of The Appliance Installation and connection instructions Installation of the appliance Washing machines with curved panels are not suitable for installing under units. Otherwise, electrical components can get wet. Page 40 Installation and connection instructions The special spanner A and the caps B 2 each and C 1 each are supplied with it. Remove the screw D, including the compression spring with the special spanner A.

Cover the hole with the cap C. When fitting the plastic caps, press until they snap into the rear panel securely. Do not use lubricants as a sliding aid. Page Compensate For Floor Unevenness Installation and connection instructions Compensate for floor unevenness Floor unevenness can be compensated for and the height can be cor- rected with the four adjustable screw feet. To adjust the feet use the special spanner supplied for removing the transport braces.

Page Electrical Connection Installation and connection instructions Electrical connection Details of the mains voltage, current type and required fuses can be found on the rating plate. The ra- ting plate is located at the top above the filling door. For permanent electrical connection within the electrical circuit, provi- sions must be made which allow for electrical disconnection of the ap- pliance from the mains with a contact opening of at least 3 mm at all Page Water Inflow Installation and connection instructions Water inflow A pressure hose of 1.

If a longer inflow hose is required, only a VDE-approved, complete set of hoses with fitted hose screw connections offered by our Customer Service is permissible. Page Water Drain Installation and connection instructions Water drain The drainage hose can either be connected to a siphon or hung in a wash basin or discharge basin or a bath tub.

Only original hoses may be used for extensions max. Page Technical Data Installation and connection instructions Technical data Adjustment possibility Approx. Diese können dort eingesehen werden. Please ob- tain further details direct.

Manuals Brands AEG Manuals Washer LAVAMAT User information AEG LAVAMAT User Information Aeg washer user manual. Quick Links. LAVAMAT Related Manuals for AEG LAVAMAT Washer AEG LAVAMAT User Information 40 pages. Washer AEG LAVAMAT W Instruction Book Aeg washing machine lavamat 40 pages.

Summary of Contents for AEG LAVAMAT Page 1 LAVAMAT Washing machine User information Page 2 Dear Customer, Please read this user information carefully and keep it to refer to later. Please pass the user information on to any future owner of the appli- ance.

The following symbols are used in the text: Safety instructions Warning! Information that affects your personal safety. Information that prevents damage to the appliance. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Operating Instructions Safety Page 4 Installation and connection instructions In addition, remove the power plug from the power point or — if the appliance has been hard-wired — switch off the cut- out in the fuse box or completely remove the fuse.

Programme for easy-care mixed fibres and synthetics. Page Before The First Wash Before the first wash 1. Open the detergent drawer. Pour approx. This closes the water container when the next programme is started and the economy valve can function properly.

Open the door: pull the handle on the door. Pull out the detergent drawer as far as it will go. Push the detergent drawer in fully. The spin speed for the final spin can still be changed during the pro- gramme. Page Starting A Programme Starting a programme 1. Check that the tap is turned on. The programme is started or will start after the delay timer has counted down.

During the wash programme the current stage of the programme will be shown in the programme progress display. Page Child Safety Device If RINSE HOLD has been selected: Following a rinse hold DOOR and END will illuminate in the programme progress display. Page Cleaning And Care Cleaning and care Important: Do not use furniture cleaning products or aggressive clean- ing agents to clean the appliance. Wipe over the control panel and housing with a damp cloth.

Detergent drawer The detergent drawer should be cleaned regularly. Remove the detergent drawer by pulling firmly. Page What To Do If In the case of other fault messages one or more flashing indicators on the programme progress display : switch the appliance off and on again. Set the programme again.

If the fault appears again, please contact AEG Service Force centre. Problem Washing machine does not work. Page 19 Problem The transit packaging has not been removed. The washing machine The screw feet have not vibrates when operating been correctly adjusted.

There is very little washing in the drum e. The inlet hose screw con- nection is leaking. Page If The Wash Result Is Not Satisfactory Problem The door cannot be opened when the wash- ing machine is switched The washing is badly creased. Page Carrying Out An Emergency Drain Carrying out an emergency drain Warning! Prior to carrying out an emergency drain, switch off the washing machine and remove the power plug from the power point.

The water that comes out of the emergency drain hose may be hot. There is a risk of scalding. Let the water cool before performing an emergency drain! Page Drain Pump Drain pump The drain pump is maintenance-free. It is only necessary to open the pump cover if there is a malfunction and water is no longer being pumped out, e.

Before loading the machine, please always ensure that there are no for- eign bodies present in the pockets or in between the items to be washed. Do not under any circumstanc- es connect an appliance that is damaged to the mains. Page Installing The Appliance Installing the appliance Transporting the appliance Warning: The washing machine is very heavy. There is a risk of injury. Exercise care when lifting the appliance.

Page Where To Install Special spanner A and sealing caps B 2 units and C 1 unit come with the appliance. Use special spanner A to remove screw D and the compression spring. Use sealing cap C to cap the hole. Use special spanner A to remove the two screws E.

Page Making The Appliance Level Making the appliance level The four feet of the appliance are pre-adjusted. Large degrees of unevenness can be compensated for by adjusting the four feet of the appliance. Use the special spanner supplied to do this. Important: Do not use pieces of wood, cardboard or such like to level out small degrees of unevenness in the floor. Rain water or water for industrial use may only be used if it fulfils the require- ments of DIN and DIN Page Water Inlet Water inlet A 1.

If a longer inlet hose is required, only hoses from the manufacturer are to be used. Service Force stocks hose kits of different lengths. Sealing rings are either inserted in the plastic nuts of the threaded hose fitting or are included as spare parts. The standpipe should have an internal diameter of approximately 38 mm see dia- gram thus ensuring there is an air break between the drain hose and standpipe.

If pumping height is over 1 metre malfunctions and dam- age to the appliance may arise. Page Warranty Conditions Great Britain Standard guarantee conditions We, AEG, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the purchase this AEG appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we Page Service And Spare Parts AEG appliance, or for further information on AEG products please contact our Customer Care Depart- ment by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at www.

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