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Gigaset c620h handbuch

Manuals Brands Gigaset Manuals Telephone C User manual Gigaset C User Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. C - C By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is. Chapters Table of Contents 6 Menu Tree Related Manuals for Gigaset C Telephone Gigaset CA User Manual Gigaset ca: user guide 96 pages. Telephone Gigaset Gigaset DA Manual 16 pages. Summary of Contents for Gigaset C Page 1 C - C Congratulations By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed to sustainability.

To learn more, visit www. Page 4: Overview Of Base Station Overview of base station Overview of base station Gigaset CA base station 1 Display Lit up: The answer machine is activated. Flashing slowly: There are new messages.

Page 6: Table Of Contents Answer machine Gigaset CA Page 7: Safety Precautions Do not use the devices in environments with a potential explosion hazard e. If you give your Gigaset to a third party, make sure you also give them the user guide. Remove faulty devices from use or have them repaired by our Service team, as these could inter- fere with other wireless services.

The phone's feet do not usually leave any marks on surfaces. However, due to the multitude of different varnishes and polishes used on today's furnishings, marks on the surfaces cannot be completely ruled out. Page 9 The power adapter must always be connected, as the phone will not operate without a power supply.

Use only the supplied power adapter and phone cord. Mounting the C base station on the wall optional 46 mm approx. Page Setting Up The Handset For Use The display is protected by a plastic film. Please remove the protective film! For example, the outer casing of the batteries could be destroyed or the batteries could explode. The battery may heat up during charging. This is not dangerous.

After a time, the charge capacity of the battery will decrease for technical reasons. Page Connecting The Headset Your phone is now ready for use. For information on recommended headsets, see the relevant product page at www. Page What Would You Like To Do Next Getting started What would you like to do next?

After successfully setting up the phone, you can make calls straight away, customise your Gigaset according to your requirements or firstly familiarise yourself with the operation. If you press a key when the keypad is locked, a message is displayed. The functions of the display keys change depending on the operating situation. Page Message Lists Getting to know your phone Submenus The functions in the submenus are displayed as lists. The following fields must be activated by navigating with the control key q.

A field is First Name: activated when a cursor is blinking inside it. You can cancel the dialling process with the End call key a. Dialling with the redial list The redial list contains the 20 numbers last dialled with the handset. Page Next Call Anonym Making calls Setting network services Withholding a phone number CLIR - Calling Line Identification Restriction If you do not want to have your phone number displayed to the other caller, you can withhold the number CLIR.

Calling Line Identification is withheld until you deactivate the function again. Page 26 Making calls Making a consultation call Make another external call during an external call. The first Consultation call is placed on hold.

Call Enter the second participant's number. The previous call is placed on hold. The second participant is called. Page Adjusting The Telephone Settings Adjusting the telephone settings Adjusting the telephone settings The handset and base station are preconfigured, but you can change the settings to suit your individual requirements.

The settings can be changed via the menu Settings whilst on a call or in idle status. Page 28 SMS for messages on the answer machine SET: only Gigaset CA You will see the number 9 followed by your entry e. Page 29 Adjusting the telephone settings Setting earpiece and handsfree profiles You can set various profiles for handsfree and the earpiece to optimally adapt your phone to your environment.

Check which is the most comfortable for you. Setting time control for external calls Example You can specify a time period when you want the telephone to Activation ring at a lower volume, or not at all. Page Quick Access To Numbers And Functions Adjusting the telephone settings Black list When the black list function is activated, calls from black list numbers are not signalled or are only signalled in the display.

The setting applies for all registered handsets and the base station. Page Operating A Repeater Operating a repeater You can use the Gigaset Repeater to increase the range of your Gigaset handset. The function and setting of your repeater depends on the repeater version used.

Page Changing The System Pin 3. The repeater regis- ters automatically. You can register a maximum of 2 Gigaset Repeaters 2. The ECO DECT function Maximum Range is activated and No Radiation is deactivated.

The set- tings cannot be changed whilst the repeater is registered. Page Restoring Phone To Default Setting Restoring phone to default setting Restoring phone to default setting You can reset individual modifications to base and handset settings separately. If you have not recorded a personal announcement, the relevant default announcement is played. Playback is stopped, to continue: Go to the next message: press s or 3. Page 40 Answer machine Gigaset CA Operating when on the move remote operation Check or activate the answer machine from another telephone e.

Prerequisite: Assign key 1 to the network mailbox Gigaset CA. Page Multiple Handsets In this case, de-register another handset that is no longer required and repeat the registration procedure. For other Gigaset handsets and handsets for other devices with GAP functionality, start the registration of the handset according to the respective user guide.

All handsets will ring at the same time "paging"even if ringers are switched off. If the participant called does not answer of does not transfer the call, end the consultation with End. Page Phonebook Address Book Phonebook Address book Phonebook Address book In a phonebook entry, you can store first names and surnames, up to three numbers, an anniversary with a reminder, caller melody and e-mail addresses.

You can create the directory with up to entries individually for each of your handsets. Holding down q scrolls continuously upwards or downwards through the phonebook. Page Call List Call list Transferring a displayed number to the phonebook You can transfer numbers to the phonebook which are displayed in a list, e.

Page Contactability To : Enter the number to which the SMS should be sent. This can create an endless loop that will incur charges. Page Calendar Calendar Calendar You can remind yourself of up to 30 appointments. May In the calendar, the current day is outlined in white; on days Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su with appointments, the numbers are displayed in colour.

The last 10 entries are stored. Page 52 Baby monitor Caution Ensure the following points: The handset should be positioned 1 to 2 metres away from the baby. The microphone must be pointed towards the baby. Activating the function reduces the operating time of your handset. If necessary, place the handset in the charger. Page Sms Text Messages SMS text messages SMS text messages Your device is supplied ready for you to send text messages immediately.

Prerequisites: Calling Line Identification is enabled. Your network provider supports SMS within the fixed line network. To receive SMS messages, you must be registered with your network provider. Page Incoming The inbox contains all the received SMS messages and those SMS messages that could not be sent due to an error.

Page Sms Centre SMS text messages SMS with vCard The vCard is an electronic business card. A vCard can contain a name, home number, work number, mobile number and a birthday. Individual entries in a vCard can be saved to the phonebook one after the other.

Page Sms Troubleshooting SMS text messages SMS troubleshooting E0 Calling Line Identification permanently withheld CLIR or Calling Line Identification not activated. FE Error occurred during SMS transfer. FD Connection to SMS centre failed, see self-help. Self-help with errors You cannot send messages. You have not requested the CLIP service Calling Line Identification Presentation. Page Menu Tree Menu tree Menu tree Opening the main menu: Press v whilst the telephone is in idle status.

Note Not all functions described in this user guide are available in all countries or with all network providers. Page Service Customer Care Please have your proof of purchase ready when calling.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Recommented batteries: For Gigaset handsets, use only the batteries approved by Gigaset. The high quality standard guarantees safe use and a long service life. NiMh round cells type AAA can be purchased in our Gigaset online shop.

List of approved and recommended batteries:. Voltage [V]. Capacity [mA]. Supplier 's Type. NiMH AAA. NiMH AA. By default, the number of the caller is shown in the display of your Gigaset telephone. You do not have to make any other settings on your Gigaset telephone.

However, if the caller's number is not displayed, this can be due to the following: - You have not ordered CID from your network provider or - Your telephone is connected through a PBX that does not transmit all information. You can establish this by checking for an additional device connected between your telephone and house connection, e.

In most cases, simply resetting this device will remedy the situation: - Briefly disconnect the power plug of your PBX. If the caller number is still not displayed: Check the CID settings of your PBX and activate this function if necessary.

In the user guide for the device, search for the term "CID" or an alternative term such as "phone number transmission", "caller ID". If necessary, contact the device manufacturer. If this does not resolve the problem, it is possible that your network provider does not support the CID service for this number.

Have you ordered the CID service from your network provider? Check whether your provider supports Caller ID CID and that the function has been activated for you. If necessary, contact your provider. It is practically impossible to determine the battery capacity or state of charge of a NiCd or NiMH battery by fast measurement.

For the charge management of the Gigasets, it is only possible to recognize completely empty or completely full just charged batteries by the voltage. NiZn Nickel Zinc batteries are not suitable for use in Gigaset handsets. To check the compatibility between your Gigaset handset and your router, please open our compatibility database. Discharge should take place at room temperature. Support for Gigaset CH. Welcome to the support resource for your Gigaset CH.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Manuals as well as software and firmware are available for download. You will also find video tutorialswhich will help you to get started. Should your device have a defect, you can register your Gigaset CH for repair.

Furthermore you will find accessories for your Gigaset CH. If you're looking for products matching your Gigaset CH, have a look at our compatibility database. You can also find out how to register your Gigaset CH with other devices. You have questions regarding your Gigaset product? Here you will find answers. First steps for troubleshooting Which batteries should I use for the Gigaset handset? Notes on Caller ID CID.

Why is the charge level not displayed correctly when I insert full batteries into the Gigaset? Can I also use NiZn Nickel Zinc batteries for the Gigaset handset? Which Gigaset handsets are compatible with my router? The main features of various device combinations are displayed here. At what temperatures should batteries be charged and discharged?

Details of a phone book entry. You can store up to phonebook entries in your handset Gigaset C59h. Which batteries should I use for the Gigaset handset? First steps for troubleshooting. Operating a Gigaset at routers. Get manuals or software updates for your Gigaset product.

Manuals Gigaset CH User guide full version en UK IE. Check if a particular Gigaset handset is compatible with a Gigaset base station. Check compatibility of handset and base station by selecting individual functions. You have a Gigaset CH handset and want to register a base station? Please contact our Customer Services for personal assistance.

Battery Type.