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Wago 880 handbuch

Quick Links Download this manual See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 3 List of Figures KG All rights reserved. Page 3: Table Of Contents Configuring a Communication Driver for a USB Link Pos : 9. Page 8: Important Notes All changes to the coupler or controller should always be carried out by qualified personnel with sufficient skills in PLC programming. Pos : Page 9: Technical Condition Of Specified Devices The components to be supplied Ex Works, are equipped with hardware and software configurations, which meet the individual application requirements.

KG will be exempted from any liability in case of changes in hardware or software as well as to non-compliant usage of components. Page Safety Advice Precautions Pos : Do not use any contact spray. The spray may impair contact area functionality in connection with contamination. Only use the SD memory card available from WAGO Item No. If the installation does not begin automatically, start the file Setup. Then confirm this selection by clicking [OK].

Figure 7: Starting the setup Click on the [OK] button in order to accept the license agreement. Figure 8: License agreement Quickstart Reference Version 1. Then confirm this selection by clicking [Next]. Figure 9: Selecting the target directory Select the components to be installed. Figure Selection of components Quickstart Reference Version 1. Figure Selection of program folder Check the settings you have defined. Figure Overview of configuration Quickstart Reference Version 1.

Figure Completing the setup Quickstart Reference Version 1. If not, change it accordingly. Do not use IP address Do not use the IP address The option for using the address selection switch is detailed in this QuickStart Guide. The other options are not described here, as these are explained completely in the manual for the " ETHERNET Programmable Fieldbus Controller".

Page Figure Address Selection Switch With Set Ip Address Set the values 0 or using the address selection switch. This activates the IP modes provided. When a value of 0 is set, the IP configurations executed by WebBasedManagement will apply. Figure Dialog box "Execute. Figure Finishing the Installation Plug the USB cable into an available USB port on your PC.

Configure hardware Select PLC configuration in the tree structure in the Resources tab in order to access hardware configuration. Then right-click to open the context menu and select Add sub-module. You can change the current PLC configuration. The variables are structured as follows: symbolic name, IEC address, data type, associated comments. You will see the variable declaration in the upper part of the dialog box.

The individual FUB networks are displayed in the lower part. The "SET" input of the "rsDO1" function block is linked to a flank-detecting function block "ftrigDO1", which detects the falling flank for "xVisuDO1".

This blink signal "tofBlink2. Q" is required for the flashing frame around the buttons in the display. The pulse period for this signal is ms, which corresponds to a frequency of 1. Page Subprogram "Userled USR-LED signaling and about using the "Visual.

Quickstart Reference This value is assigned via a multiplexer MUX. Figure New communication channel via ETHERNET Double-click on the address field localhost in the column "Value" Add the group Ports COM and LPT to the tree structure.

The entry WAGO USB Service Cable COMX is given within this group. The designation in parentheses indicates the assigned COM port; in this example "COM3". Figure New communication channel via USB Double-click on the address field COM1 in the column "Value" in the "Communication parameters" You are then transferred to WebBasedManagement for your fieldbus controller.

In addition, your mouse pointer changes when you move it over these buttons. Hovering for a short period will call up a yellow box, in which you can read the button function. Page List Of Figures Figure 3: 1 Open the memory card slot, 2 insert the SD card Page 51 Figure USB communication parameters This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 54 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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