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Handbuch siemens olm

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Katalog- und Bestellsystem für Automatisierungs- und Antriebstechnik. Site Explorer. Katalog Zurück zur letzten Katalogseite. Sicherheitstechnik - Safety Integrated. Digital Enterprise Services. Katalog Antriebstechnik Automatisierungstechnik Energy Gebäudetechnik Niederspannungs-Schalttechnik Sicherheitstechnik - Safety Integrated Branchenlösungen Digital Enterprise Services Software Automatisierungstechnik Automatisierungssysteme Bedien-und Beobachtungssysteme SIMATIC HMI Identifikation und Lokalisierung Industrielle Kommunikation Industrielle Schalttechnik Industrial Edge Industrie-Software PC-based Automation Prozessleitsysteme Prozessinstrumentierung Prozessanalytik Stromversorgung SITOP Produkte für spezifische Anforderungen.

PROFIBUS Prozess- oder Feldkommunikation Datenkommunikation Kommunikationsübersicht Konfigurationsbeispiele Topologien Netzwerkkomponenten für PROFIBUS Systemanschlüsse Netzübergänge Industrielle Schalttechnik Schalt- und Schutzgeräte für die Energieverteilung Energiemonitoring Messgeräte SENTRON Industrielle Identifikationssysteme Netzwerkmanagement und -diagnose PROFIBUS Komponenten Partnerlösungen. Optische Netzwerke mit OLM Übersicht FC-LWL FC Glas-Lichtwellenleiter FC FO Termination Kits Glas-Lichtwellenleiter Plastik- und PCF-LWL PCF-LWL Termination Kit Optical Link Module OLM Optical Link Module SIPLUS OLM.

Optical Link Module OLM. Produktkatalog Produktkatalog eClass 5. Bestelldaten Zubehör Produktinformation Konfiguratoren. Spice Selection Filters. Filter entfernen. Gehe zu. Wählen Sie einen Konfigurator. Starten Umschlüsseln. Technische Auswahlhilfe. Alles zu Optical Link Module OLM. Diese Information steht für dieses Produkt nicht zur Verfügung.

Quick Links. SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS. Troubleshooting LED Displays and Troubleshooting 43 Troubleshooting Universal weighing module for simatic s7 and et m 89 pages. Industrial controls, motor management and control devices pages.

Control Unit Siemens SINUMERIK D Function Manual pages. Page 2 Disclaimer Copyright Siemens AG All rights reserved. The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or its contents is not permitted We have checked the contents of this manual for agreement with the hardware and software described. Page 3 Siemens. This product can only function correctly and safely if it is transported, stored, set up, and installed correctly, and operated and maintained as recommended.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Contents Preface Page 5 Ex approval Page 6 Figure LED displays on the front panel Page 8 Further documentation You will find more information on other SIMATIC NET products that you can use with the OLM V4. Page 9: Introduction Introduction 2. What is possible? PROFIBUS OLMs are designed for use in optical PROFIBUS fieldbus networks. They allow the conversion of electrical PROFIBUS interfaces RS level into optical PROFIBUS interfaces and vice versa.

Page Table Number Of Electrical And Optical Ports Per Module Introduction 2. The power supply voltage for operation is 24 V DC. To increase operational reliability, a redundant power supply is possible. Page 11 Introduction 2. Page Network Topologies Network Topologies 2. To set up the fiber-optic links of these network topologies, cables with two optical fibers are used. Page Linear Bus Topology Network Topologies 3. Page Linear Bus Topology With Fiber-Optic Link Monitoring And Segmentation Network Topologies 3.

Only use this mode, if you only connect PROFIBUS OLM V4. Page Star Topology Network Topologies 3. Page 17 Network Topologies 3. Note: Unused optical channels you intend to use later to expand the network cause a broken fiber-optic cable signal if the monitoring is active. Page Ring Topology Network Topologies 3. Page Optical Ring Network Topologies 3. Page Redundant Optical Ring With Two Olms Network Topologies 3.

Page 21 Network Topologies 3. Page 22 Network Topologies 3. Page Product Characteristics Product Characteristics 4. Page 24 Product Characteristics 4. Page Table Overview Of The Product Characteristics Product Characteristics 4. Page Installation Product Characteristics 4. In particular, observe all warnings and safety-relevant notices. Page General Information On Commissioning Product Characteristics 4. After unpacking, the device should be acclimatized for some time to avoid condensation after to storage in cold surroundings.

Page Setting Compatibility, Mode And Transmit Power Product Characteristics 4. You can achieve this for example by disconnecting the 5-pin terminal block. Page Table Dil-Switches In Compatibility Mode Product Characteristics 4. Page 30 Product Characteristics 4. Note: This mode should only be set in the star segment of the star topology.

Page 31 Product Characteristics 4. Leave S6 in position 1 default if the fiber-optic link on CH3 works correctly in this position. Set S5 to position 0 reduced if overdrive of a non-OLM device occurs on CH2 when plastic fiber-optic cables are used. Page Installation And Maintenance Installation and Maintenance 5. To avoid disturbing influences on electrical installations, these effects must be reduced to a minimum. The construction of device, correct connection of bus lines and the suppression of self inductances are essential limitation measures.

Page Figure Securing Shielded Cables With Cable Clamps And Cable Retainers Installation and Maintenance 5. This minimum clearance is measured between the outside edges of the components and must be adhered to in all directions around an OLM. Page 35 Installation and Maintenance 5. With tin- plated surfaces, the necessary contact must be established using screws. Painted or varnished surfaces at the contact points are unsuitable. Shield clamps or contacts must not be used as strain relief. Page Connecting Optical Cables Installation and Maintenance 5.

Make sure — that the end faces of the optical connectors are clean. Page Installation Of The Modules Installation and Maintenance 5. Choose the location so that the climatic and mechanical limit values listed in the technical specifications can be met. Page Figure Installation Of A Module With A Mounting Plate Installation and Maintenance 5. Fix with this screws the mounting plate MLFB: 6GKAA Now fix the OLM at the wall or at a cubicle plate. Make sure there is a reliable and permanent electrical connection between the mounting plate and surface, for example by using toothed washers.

Page Connection Of The Electrical Rs Bus Cables Installation and Maintenance 5. Page 40 Installation and Maintenance 5. Do not exceed the segment lengths specified there. Connect the RS bus segment via a PROFIBUS connector. If the module is at the beginning or at the end of a bus segment, this connector must have an active bus terminator.

Page Connecting Of The Operating Power Supply Installation and Maintenance 5. Page Receive Level Of The Optical Channels Installation and Maintenance 5. The voltmeter can be connected and disconnected while the device is operating. Page Led Displays And Troubleshooting Installation and Maintenance 5. This can be recognized by the LED display of the partner OLM see section 5. The output voltages at the measurement sockets are influenced by many factors: strength of the optical transmit power of the partner OLM ambient temperature of the optical transmitter and receiver Page 44 Installation and Maintenance 5.

Page Troubleshooting Installation and Maintenance 5. Page 46 Installation and Maintenance 5. Still there: Device defective. Page Maintenance OLM V4. If there are any signs of changes, the OLM V4. If any other fault develops, please send the device to your SIEMENS service center for repair. Repairs on-site are not possible. Page Configuration Installation and Maintenance 5. Page Table Constants For Calculating The Slot Time For Dp-Standard Redundant Optical Ring Installation and Maintenance 5.

Page Approvals And Marks Approvals and Marks 6. Page Fm Approval Approvals and Marks 6. A,B,C,D, T4 CL. Page Shipbuilding Approvals The devices of the OLM V4. Page References References 7. SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS networks order numbers: 6GKCAAA0 German 6GKCAAA1 English 6GKCAAA2 French 6GKCAAA4 Italian 2.

Page 61 Index point-to-point-connection, 7 redundant optical ring, 7 ring topology, 12 star topology, 7, 10 ATEX, 47 Optical link power budget, 29 CE mark, 45 Optical star topology, 3 Compatibility, 22 C-tick mark, 46 Redundant ring, 12 DIL switch, 22 Segment monitoring, 23 Shielded cables, 28 Electromagnetic compatibility, 27 SINEC L2FO, Print page 1 Print document 61 pages.

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