Bedienungsanleitung bmw e60 pdf



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Bedienungsanleitung bmw e60 pdf

Repair Summary The following article gives detailed instructions on servicing the transmission on a BMW E60 5 series car. A BMW E60 transmission service should be performed everymiles…or preferably sooner. And that misconception is well founded. Thanks to some very erroneous manufacturer messaging added to the bottom of BMW E60 transmissions, owners and repair shops have been led to believe that the transmission fluid never needs to be changed.

This has created an alarming situation for many 5 series owners since in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. It means how long in miles the transmission was tested and certified by the manufacturer before it needs to be serviced. In the case of BMW E60 six speed automatic transmissions, the service life ismiles. This requirement is clearly stated on page seven of the Service and Warranty Information book for all BMW E60 5 series cars produced from you can download a copy of the book from us by clicking here.

The BMW Repair Guide recommends servicing the transmission in the BMW E60 5 series every 50, miles to avoid premature wear of its internal parts. A BMW E60 transmission service involves draining and replacing the fluid, changing the oil pan gasket and installing a new fluid filter and magnets.

Note that the transmission filter and magnets in the BMW E60 are integrated into the oil pan and cannot be purchased separately. The oil pan must be removed from the bottom of the gearbox in order to properly perform a BMW E60 transmission service. Choose your pan depending on whether your E60 has a six cylinder i,i,i or eight cylinder i,i engine.

We give you several fine choices below based on your budget. Transmission fluid required — Always use a high quality transmission fluid in your BMW. All of these choices below are approved for use in the ZF six speed automatic transmission found in all BMW E60 5 series sedans and touring wagons.

You will need seven liters to refill your transmission after servicing it. The difference is accessing the transmission fluid fill plug. Unfortunately in xDrive model vehicles, the front drive shaft blocks access to the fill plug, requiring the shaft to be unbolted from the transfer case and swiveled out of the way see images below.

Since there is no front drive shaft in rear wheel drive models, there is clear access to the fill plug and no extra steps are needed. We give instructions below on how to remove the fill plug in both models. Refilling the BMW six speed transmission is a two step process. First the transmission oil pan must be initially filled.

After the initial fill, the transmission must be warmed up to its final fill temperature F before topping off with fluid. Per the manufacturer ZF specifications, the vehicle must be running and the transmission in park while topping off the transmission — topping of the transmission with the engine off could cause an under filled transmission.

They also make changes based on the wear and tear of internal parts. Not resetting the adaptations after this repair may cause reduced performance in your transmission and potential long term damage to its internal components.

Resetting the adaptations is extremely easy and only takes a couple minutes. You must have a BMW diagnostic scanner to reset them. You can purchase the same inexpensive scanner we use by clicking here. The Level of Difficulty displays graphically how challenging the repair is, from beginner to expert. Beginner repairs usually require very few tools, have short repair times and are simple to complete for even the most novice of mechanics. As the difficulty level rises expect the repair to demand more time, use more specialized tools, and require a better understanding of mechanics to complete the job.

The Repair Cost graphically displays approximately how expensive the repair will be to perform. Please note that these cost estimates are approximate and can fluctuate based on brand preferences and manufacturer. Home BMW E60 BMW E60 Transmission Service — 5 Series — All Models. BMW E60 BMW E Share on Facebook. The BMW Repair Guide used this xi touring for the following article. Affiliate link disclosure — The BMW Repair Guide uses affiliate links in their site.

For more information on affiliate linksplease click here. Transmission Fluid — Redline D4 Transmission Fluid — Genuine BMW ATF2 Transmission Fill Plug — Genuine BMW Floor jack — low profile. Wheel Ramps. Fluid Transfer Pump. Diagnostic scanner. E12 external torx socket. T30 torx bit.

T50 torx bit. Breaker Bar. Screwdriver — phillips. Drain pan — 5 gallon. Torque wrench- low range. Torque wrench — medium range. And congratulations for Doing It Yourself! All rights reserved. BMW E60 i M54 2.

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