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Oki handbuch download

Quick Links Download this manual See also: Troubleshooting ManualMaintenance Manual. User's Manual. This manual contains cautions on how to use this product safety. Before you use this product, please make sure that you read this manual. Carefully store this manual close to hand so.

Printer Oki Cdn User Manual Separate volume spot color guide 44 pages. Summary of Contents for Oki Cdn Page 1: Preparing The Printer Printing Basic Device Operations Appendix Index Cdn Cdn Cdn ESdn ESdn ESdn This manual contains cautions on how to use this product safety. Page 3: About The Enclosed "Software Dvd-Rom When the "software DVD-ROM" enclosed with the device is placed in the DVD-ROM drive, the following menu screen will be displayed.

Memo z This example uses the Windows screens. You can add and select printer You can install and set the device drivers. Page 4: Reading The Manual Reading the Manual Symbols Note z These are cautions and restrictions for the correct operation of the device. Make sure to read to avoid misoperation. Memo z Knowledge of the information before using the device is useful and can act as a reference.

Reading is recommended. Reference z These are the reference pages. Page 5: Illustrations Illustrations Screens The device illustrations used herein show the The images of the control panel and PC used C model unless otherwise specified. The images may differ from actual products and screens. Illustrations may differ from the actual product. Page 6: Inscriptions Inscriptions The following inscriptions are used in this manual.

Page 7: About The Product Warranty All rights are reserved by Oki Data Corporation. You must not copy, transfer, translate, etc. You must obtain written permission from Oki Data Corporation before doing any of the above. Page 8: Emergency First Aid Shibaura, Minato-ku, TokyoJapan For all sales, support and general enquiries contact your local distributor.

Cautions related to safety WARNING A warning provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in a risk of personal injury. A caution provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in equipment malfunction CAUTION or damage. Page When Installing Or Moving When installing or moving WARNING For the U.

Except the U. Page When Using The Machine CAUTION z When removing the plug from the outlet, do not pull the power cord. Always hold the plug when removing it from the outlet. If the power cord is pulled, the wires may break and this could cause a fire or give you an electric shock.

Page 12 Document Feeder. This could injure you if you fall. Breaking the surface could cause malfunctions. However, do not turn the power OFF if the weekly timer is in use. Page When Handling Supplies When handling supplies CAUTION z Never attempt to incinerate toner cartridges and waste toner boxes. Dispose of used toner cartridges and waste toner boxes in accordance with local regulations. An improper procedure could cause toner leakage or scattering.

Page Table Of Contents Contents Contents Manual Configuration Page 16 Contents Using the Key Pad Setting Up Page 17 Contents 3. Page 18 Basic Windows Functions Page 24 Checking the product Note z LAN cables, USB cables, and hubs are not included with the printer. Prepare them separately. Do not discard them, but store them safely. The printed sheets are placed printed-side down and discharged. Control Panel Right side cover Displays the device status and menus, and sets the Open this to replace the multi-purpose tray feed functions.

Page Printer Interior Parts Nomenclature and Functions Printer Interior Front Interior Toner cartridge Slot z The remaining toner quantity is normally displayed Set the toner cartridge here. Further, use when printing to the topside of the paper that has been set. Page Left Side Interior Parts Nomenclature and Functions Left Side Interior Face-up stacker Paper supporter Open the stacker to set and eject the paper face-up.

Secures the paper ejected to the face-up stacker. Supplementary supporter Secures so that the ejected paper does not droop. Fixing unit Fixing unit securing lever This unit fixes the toner to the paper. Page Interface Parts Nomenclature and Functions Interface LAN network interface connector USB interface connector Connects the LAN cable.

Connects the USB cable. Page Control Panel Parts Nomenclature and Functions Control Panel Liquid crystal panel ATTENTION lamp z Displays the device status and menus. Displays the device status. Page Main Control Panel Features Parts Nomenclature and Functions Main Control Panel Features The control panel can be used to check the device status and implement various device functions.

The toner cartridge can be replaced while viewing the liquid crystal display on the control panel. Further, you can also perform operations while checking the messages displayed on the liquid crystal panel if paper jams or device malfunctions occur. Use the following procedure to switch the standby screens. Further, press the [HELP] button when it be displayed in the liquid crystal panel. Page Adjusting The Control Panel Brightness Parts Nomenclature and Functions Adjusting the Control Panel Select [Panel Setup], and press the [OK] Brightness button.

Use the following procedure to adjust the brightness of the liquid crystal panel. Memo z The brightness backlight of the liquid crystal panel can be set individually for during control panel operations and when in power save mode. Page Function Numbers Table Parts Nomenclature and Functions Function Numbers Table Function No. Function No.

Menu Item Media Weight Tray 5 Function No. Page Setting Up Installing the Device 2. Setting Up This chapter explains the methods for setting up the device, and for connecting the device to a PC and installing the printer drivers. Page Installation Procedure Installing the Device Installation Procedure Work according to the relevant procedures and the customer installation conditions.

If not mounting any options, skip the reading of the procedures described as "Optional". Opening the Package and Installation Mounting Consumables P. Page Mounting Consumables Installing the Device Mounting Consumables Hold the carrying levers while grasping the carrying handles, and use at least 4 people to lift and carry simultaneously. Page 47 Installing the Device Close the toner replacement cover. Gently raise the blue leverand remove the image drum while being careful not to touch the green cylinder with your hands.

Page 48 Installing the Device Place the image drum that has been Align the red arrow labels on the image drum with the arrows on the removed on a flat surface covered with device, and gently insert into the slot paper, etc. Page Setting Paper Installing the Device Setting Paper Set the paper with the print surface face-down. The expansion tray unit has a large-capacity tray comprising the 1st and 3rd trays.

Mount the main printer unit to the expansion tray unit. Gently lift the main unit using 4 people min. Page 52 Installing the Device tray unit with casters, adjust the caster locks x2 and feet Note x2. Page 53 Installing the Device Rotate the nuts and bolts at the bottom If moving the printer or replacing consumables of each foot to lower the feet.

Page Mounting The Built-In Hdd Optional Installing the Device Mounting the Built-in HDD Check that the internal LED lamp is OFF. Optional Mount the optional built-in HDD to increase the memory capacity or implement secure printing. Page 55 Installing the Device Close the access cover. Press either the scroll button on the control panel to display the "Functions" screen.

Set A4 Tighten the access cover screws. Press the scroll button to select [Print Information], and then press the [OK] Page Connecting Power Cables Insert the power plug into the power outlet. Wait a moment until the standby screen is displayed, and the printing is enabled. Supply If not using the device for long periods over holidays or during travel, etc.

During normal use, use the following procedure If mounting optional or maintenance products. Check by printing the device setup and setup details, which enable the status to be checked. Printer information. Page Printer Information Test Printing Using the Printer Only Printer Information During test printing, the following device setup details printer information will be printed. Prepare a PC connected to a DVD drive. Flow for Installing Drivers on a PC Connecting to PC For Windows For Macintosh Page Operating Environment Mac OS 9.

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals All in One Printer MC Advanced manual Oki MC Advanced Manual. Quick Links. Related Manuals for Oki MC All in One Printer Oki MC User Manual pages. Page 2 Indicates related items. Please read them to learn the relevant information. Some functions are not available for MC About Symbols This section describes the symbols used in this manual and their meanings. Depending on your OS, the actual display of the product may differ from the descriptions in this manual. Page 3: Table Of Contents Table of contents Color Settings Page 4 Printing on Custom Size Paper Page 5 Cleaning the Document Feed Rollers Page 6 Problems on a Web Browser Page 7 Setting a Number of Points to Each Account Page 8 Following the IP Address of the Registered Device Automatically Page 9: Basic Operations Basic Operations Adjusting the Contrast of the Display Screen Setting Output Destination Adjusting Volume Simultaneous Operation Multitasking Checking the Information of the Machine Easy Setup Configuring One Touch Button JOB MACRO This section describes basic operations of this machine.

Page Adjusting The Contrast Of The Display Screen 1. Basic Operations Adjusting the Contrast of the Display Screen Brightness of the display screen can be adjusted. The larger number you set, the darker the screen becomes, and the smaller number you set, the brighter the screen becomes.

Press the SETTING button on the operator panel. Page Setting Output Destination 1. Basic Operations Setting Output Destination Output Tray The machine outputs paper to the output tray or rear output tray. Use this output tray when printing on plain paper. Paper is output with the printed side down.

It is not available for envelopes, labels, or long paper. Check that the rear output tray on the rear side of the machine is closed. Page Rear Output Tray 1. Basic Operations Draw the sub support. Rear Output Tray Use the rear output tray when printing on envelopes, labels, or long paper. Paper is output with the printed side up. Plain paper is also available for this output tray. Open the rear output tray F on the rear side of the machine. Page Adjusting Volume 1.

Basic Operations Adjusting Volume The volume of the sounds which are emitted in the following conditions can be adjusted in four levels. Page Simultaneous Operation Multitasking 1. Basic Operations Simultaneous Operation Multitasking This machine can operate several functions simultaneously.

For details, refer to the following table. Page Checking The Information Of The Machine 1. Basic Operations Checking the Information of the Machine Printing a Report to Check Print the machine information and check the status. Press the STATUS button on You can print and check the configuration or the job logs of this machine.

Page Checking The Status On The Operator Panel 1. Basic Operations Item Description Checking the Status on the Operator Panel System File List Prints a list of job files. You can check the residual life of consumables, the counter information, and the job list from Demo Page Prints a demo page. STATUS button. Page Easy Setup 1. Basic Operations Easy Setup Item Description Wireless WPS-PBC WPS-PBC is executed. Search A list of access point name found in the Displays a list of wireless LAN access Page 18 1.

You can enter up to 64 characters. Sender's Address From Sets an e-mail address for this machine. Receive Setting Sets the protocol to be used for receiving e-mails. Page Configuring One Touch Button 1. Basic Operations Configuring One Touch Button On the one-touch buttons, items registered on the address book No. One-touch buttons can be used for Scan To E-mail, Fax, and Internet Fax operations. To select the speed dial numbers to that are assigned to one-touch buttons, press and hold the SHIFT button and press the one-touch button.

Page Job Macro 1. Basic Operations JOB MACRO Registering a Frequently-used Setting as a Macro You can register macros for frequently used function settings for copying, scanning, faxing, You can create a macro for a frequently-used setting. Internet faxing, and printing in the machine. This "Job Macro" allows you to perform operations more simply and quickly. Page Using A Registered Macro 1. Basic Operations Using a Registered Macro Editing a Macro Title You can use a macro by reading out it.

You can edit a macro title. Press the JOB MACRO button on the operator panel. Press the button to select the macro you want to use and press the Press the Page Checking The Macro Content 1. Basic Operations Checking the Macro Content Deleting a Registered Macro You can delete a macro. Press the button to select the macro you want to check and press button. Page Copy Copy Useful Functions For a Better Finish Color Settings Advanced Copy Settings Page Useful Functions Specifying the Paper Feed Tray Paper Feed This chapter describes various settings for copying, such as N-in-1 and duplex printing.

Page Making Enlarged Or Reduced Copies Zoom 2. Copy Press the button to select [MP Tray] and press the OK button. Making Enlarged or Reduced Copies Zoom Load paper in the MP tray. Page Copying On Both Sides Of Paper Duplex Copy 2. To select a different rate, set [Paper Tray], and then set [Zoom].

Page 27 2. Color Settings Advanced Copy Settings It is recommended to set a margin when you want to staple or punch holes in duplex copies. Page Combining Multiple Pages On One Sheet Of Paper N-In-1 2. Setting [Duplex Copy] at the same time can save more sheets of paper.

Page Changing The Scan Size Scan Size 2. Copy Changing the Scan Size Scan Size Sorting Each Set in Page Order Sort You can select the appropriate size of the document to be scanned. The sort function is enabled by factory default. Press the COPY button on the operator panel. Page Enabling Continuous Scan Mode Continuous Scan 2. Copy Check that [Start Scan] is selected, and then press the OK button. Enabling Continuous Scan Mode Continuous Scan When scanning all sets of the documents is complete, press the button to This function is useful when you want to copy multiple books.

Page Copying Different Size Documents Mixed Size 2. Copy Press the button to go back to the standby screen. Copying Different Size Documents Mixed Size Press the COPY button on the operator panel. You can set multiple documents having the same width but different lengths in the ADF so that they can be copied on their respective paper sizes.

Page Resetting Copy Settings Reset 2. Copy Resetting Copy Settings Reset Changing the Document Orientation Direction You can reset the copy function you changed to their default settings in the following ways. You can select [Portrait] or [Landscape] for the document orientation. Specify the appropriate orientation to get the copy result you want. Page For A Better Finish 2. Copy For a Better Finish Adjusting the Density Density This section describes how to obtain a better finish.

You can adjust the copy density in seven levels. Page Selecting The Document Type Document Type 2. Page Copying A Document With A Colored Background Clearly Background Removal 2. Copy Copying a Document with a Colored Background Clearly Erasing Edge Shadows Edge Erase Background Removal When you copy a document with the document glass cover opened or when you copy a book, a black shadow may appear around the edges on the printed copy.

This function To adjust a level of the document background removal, you can select Auto or OFF, or adjust enables you to erase the black shadow.