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Ducati scrambler handbuch

Manuals Brands Ducati Manuals Motorcycle Scrambler Owner's manual Ducati Scrambler Owner's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Owner's ManualInstruction Manual. Related Manuals for Ducati Scrambler Motorcycle Ducati SCRAMBLER Workshop Manual pages. Motorcycle DUCATI SPORT TOURING ST3 Owner's Manual pages. Page 3 If the motorcycle is resold, the manual must always be handed over to the new owner. This manual must be preserved with care.

If it is lost or becomes damaged, contact a Ducati Dealer or authorised Service Centre without delay to obtain a new copy of the manual. LIGHT rear brake pedal Clock setting function CLOCK Pin Code Main components and devices Changing the PIN CODE Position on the vehicle Setting the units of measurement Tank filler plug Page 6 Main maintenance operations Technical data Check brake fluid level Weights Changing the air filter Dimensions Checking brake pads for wear Fuel, lubricants and other fluids Charging the battery Engine Lubricating cables and joints Timing system Adjusting the throttle cable Performance data Checking drive chain tension Spark plugs Lubricating the drive chain Page 7: Introduction Our highly skilled staff have access to special implements and appropriate equipment required to perform any servicing job at best, and use Ducati Safety guidelines original spare parts only as the best guarantee for full We would like to welcome you among Ducati interchangeability, smooth running and long life.

Page 8: Warning Symbols Used In The Manual maintenance. In case of any doubts, please contact a Intended use Dealer or Authorised Service Centre. Warning Warning symbols used in the manual This motorcycle is designed for on-road use, Several kinds of warnings are used as an alert of the may be used occasionally on dirt trail. Page 9 Warning Warning Riding without a licence is illegal and is Check your state laws. Obtain insurance prosecuted by law. Always make sure you have your coverage and keep your insurance document secure licence with you when riding.

Do not let with the other motorcycle documents. Page Rider's Training Rider's training Jacket, trousers or riding suit must be made from leather or abrasion-resistant material and have Accidents are frequently due to inexperience. Riding, high-visibility colours and inserts. Important Warning Never wear loose clothing, items or accessories Page 11 The engine should never be started or run period. Failure to follow these instructions releases Ducati Exhaust gases are poisonous and may lead to loss of Motor Holding S.

Page Refuelling Important Important Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or Visually inspect the tyres at regular intervals for when riding in areas near exits from private grounds, detecting cracks and cuts, especially on the side car parks or on slip roads to access motorways.

Page Carrying The Maximum Load Allowed Never completely fill the tank when refuelling. Fuel Carrying the maximum load allowed should never be touching the rim of filler recess. Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, When refuelling, avoid breathing the fuel vapours and carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety. Page Dangerous Products - Warnings Important Refer to paragraph "Tyres" on page Arrange your luggage or heavy accessories in Dangerous products - warnings the lowest possible position and close to motorcycle Used engine oil centre.

Important Warning Never fix bulky or heavy objects to the Prolonged or repeated contact with used engine handlebar or to the front mudguard as this would oil may cause skin cancer. Page 15 Warning The fluid used in the brake system is corrosive. In the event of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash the affected area with abundant running water. Coolant Engine coolant contains ethylene glycol, which may ignite under particular conditions, producing invisible flames.

Page Vehicle Identification Number Vehicle identification number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. It is recommended to record the frame number Fig. Frame number Fig. Page Engine Identification Number Engine identification number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. It is recommended to record the number of your motorcycle's engine Fig. Engine number Fig.

Page Customisations Customisations Each version is a customisation of the SCRAMBLER. The SCRAMBLER is available in four different customisations: ICON A URBAN ENDURO B FULL THROTTLE C CLASSIC D Information herein refers to Scrambler ICON. Information on any other customisation URBAN ENDURO, FULL THROTTLE, CLASSIC is indicated only when different from the Scrambler ICON.

Page 19 ICON Fig. Page 20 ICON 1 Ten-spoke, light-alloy rims 2 Dedicated sticker with logo 3 Dedicated seat Page 21 URBAN ENDURO Fig. Page 22 URBAN ENDURO 1 Spoked wheels 2 Raised front mudguard 3 Sump guard 4 Dedicated sticker with logo 5 Headlight grille as standard 6 Dedicated seat 7 Handlebar crosspiece 8 Front fork guards Page 23 FULL THROTTLE Fig. Page 24 FULL THROTTLE 1 Dedicated sticker with logo 2 Tailpipe as standard Termignoni 3 Lowered handlebar 4 Black anodised side panels 5 Dedicated racing seat 6 Short front mudguard 7 Rear turn indicators with no splash guard Page 25 CLASSIC Fig.

Page 26 CLASSIC 1 Dedicated-thickness logo 2 Aluminium spoked wheels 3 Long, satin-finished aluminium front mudguard 4 Long, satin-finished rear mudguard 5 Dedicated seat 6 Raised number plate holder Page Instrument Panel Dashboard Instrument panel Dashboard 6 FUEL WARNING LIGHT AMBER YELLOW. Comes on when fuel is low and there are about 4 litres of fuel left in the tank.

A warning light turns on and blinks when the relevant Instrument panel turn indicator is active; Page 28 9 ABS LIGHTS AMBER YELLOW. This turns on to indicate that ABS is disabled or not functioning. Page 30 Fig. Page Acronyms And Abbreviations Used In The Manual Acronyms and abbreviations used in the Manual Antilock Braking System Controller Area Network DUCATI Data Acquisition Dashboard Engine Control Unit Page Technological Dictionary Technological Dictionary Anti-lock Braking System ABS 9M ABS 9M system is a two-channel latest-generation system that actuates combined braking with anti lift- up function for the rear wheel so as to guarantee not only a reduced stopping distance, but also a higher stability under braking.

Page Function Push-Buttons Function push-buttons 1 UP CONTROL SWITCH " " Button used to display and set instrument panel parameters with the position " ". Page 35 Data displayed on the main screen are as follows: 1 Engine speed. Page 36 From the main screen, press button 2 on LH switch to view Menu 1 information. Odometer TOT ; TRIP 1; TRIP 2; TRIP FUEL when function is active ; T — AIR. Page 37 The instrument panel stores Menu 1 settings in use upon KEY-OFF.

On the following KEY-ON, previously stored Menu 1 pages are displayed. Page Main Functions Main functions The functions displayed in the Standard screen are the following: Main information Motorcycle speed Engine rpm indication RPM Menu 1 displays the following functions: - Odometer TOT - Trip meter 1 TRIP 1 - Trip meter 2 TRIP 2 - Partial fuel reserve counter TRIP FUEL - Ambient air temperature AIR - Clock Page Engine Rpm Indication Rpm Engine rpm indication RPM This function allows displaying engine rpm.

Instrument panel receives rpm value and displays it. The information is displayed by the bargraph filling from the right to the left according to the engine rpm. Page 42 The thresholds before the rpm limiter are: threshold rpm A. When the rev limiter value B is reached, the warning lights start flashing.

Page Menu 1 Functions Menu 1 functions MENU 1 functions are: Odometer TOT ; Trip meter 1 TRIP 1 ; Trip meter 2 TRIP 2 ; Partial fuel reserve counter TRIP FUEL ; Ambient air temperature T-AIR. By pressing button 2 it is possible to view the functions of MENU 1. Page Odometer Tot Upon Key-ON, the instrument panel always shows the Odometer indication for 10 seconds, then shows the user's settings page.

Note If a string of flashing dashes " " is displayed within odometer function, please contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorised Service Centre. Page Trip Meter 1 Trip 1 Trip meter 1 TRIP 1 The trip meter counts and displays the partial distance covered by the motorcycle with the set unit of measurement km or mi.

When the reading exceeds the maximum value of Page Trip Meter 2 Trip 2 Trip meter 2 TRIP 2 The trip meter counts and displays the partial distance covered by the motorcycle with the set unit of measurement km or mi. Page Partial Fuel Reserve Counter Trip Fuel Partial fuel reserve counter TRIP FUEL The fuel trip meter counts and displays the distance covered by the motorcycle on reserve since the low fuel light turns on with the set unit of measurement km or mi.

When the Low Fuel Light A turns on, the display automatically shows the TRIP FUEL function, regardless of the currently displayed function; Page 48 Note If the system measurement units are changed at any moment, or if there is an interruption in the power supply Battery Offthe distance travelled is reset and the count starts from zero considering the newly set unit of measurement. Page Errors Errors The instrument panel manages error warnings in order to allow the rider to identify any abnormal motorcycle behaviour in real time.

Upon Key-ON - if there are active errors - or during normal operation of the vehicle - whenever an error is triggered - the instrument panel turns the EOBD light and Warning symbol ON and indicates the triggered error. Page Error Warnings 3 seconds. When an error is triggered the EOBD light turns on as well. Warning When one or more errors are displayed, always contact a Ducati Dealer or authorised Service Centre.

Page Displayed Errors Description Displayed errors description Displayed error Description ENGINE Throttle position sensor malfunction Throttle motor or relay malfunction stepper motor Pressure sensor malfunction Engine coolant temperature sensor malfunction Injection relay malfunction Ignition coil malfunction Injector malfunction Engine rpm sensor malfunction Lambda sensor or Lambda sensor heater malfunction Motorcycle starting relay malfunction Secondary air system valve malfunction AIR — STND Side stand sensor not working Air temperature sensor BATT.

Battery voltage SPEED Speed sensor FUEL Low fuel sensor ABS control unit Can Bus OFF IMMO Immobilizer antenna Instrument panel control unit STND Side stand sensor Page Clock Clock The instrument panel receives information about the time to be displayed. The instrument panel shows the time in the following format: hh hours : mm minutes ; with the message AM for values ranging between andor PM for values ranging between and and between and Page Service Indication Service Service indication SERVICE This indication shows the user that the motorcycle is due for service and must be taken to a Ducati Authorised Service Centre.

The service warning indication can be reset only by the Authorised Ducati Service Centre during servicing. Page Oil Service Zero Warning "SERVICE", the Oil symbol and the message "OIL" upon each Key-ON; after 5 seconds, both the message "SERVICE" and the Oil symbol become steady until Key-OFF or until an Authorised Ducati Service Centre performs a reset.

Page Desmo Service Countdown Indication DESMO SERVICE countdown indication After OIL SERVICE zero indication first reset at 1, km - mithe instrument panel activates the countdown of the kilometres or miles left before the following service operation: DESMO SERVICE. The kilometre count indication is shown upon Key-ON for 2 seconds; Page Desmo Service Indication "SERVICE", the Desmo symbol and the message "DESMO" upon each Key-ON; after 5 seconds, both the message "SERVICE" and the Desmo symbol become steady until Key-OFF or until an Authorised Ducati Service Centre performs a reset.

Dies erfolgt im Einklang mit Ihren im Rahmen des Web-Browsings gezeigten Vorzügen. Die mit Ihrem Motorrad gelieferten Dokumente liefern nützliche Informationen über Ihre Ducati: vom Farbcode über die Spezifikationen einiger elektronischer und mechanischer Komponenten bis hin zu Details über die wichtigsten Serviceeinsätze. Sie können eine digitale Version der Bedienungsanleitung herunterladen, aber denken Sie daran, sich jederzeit an den Ducati Service zu wenden, um Ihr Motorrad zu warten.

Geben Sie das Jahr und das Modell Ihrer Ducati ein und laden Sie die Bedienungsanleitung herunter:. Sie entsprechen den Homologationsdaten aus dem Fahrzeugschein. Änderungen jederzeit vorbehalten. Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung in CHF inkl.

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Multistrada V4 S Sport. Multistrada Enduro. Konfigurieren MEHR ENTDECKEN. Panigale V2. Panigale V4. Panigale V4 S. Panigale V4 SP. Panigale V4 R. Konfigurieren Mehr erfahren. Superleggera V4. SuperSport SuperSport S. Mehr entdecken. Full Throttle. Desert Sled. Jetzt kaufen mehr erfahren. TK RR. Motorräder für den Führerschein Klasse A 35 kW. Ducati bietet Ihnen zahlreiche Modelle als 35 kW Version an.

Alle Scrambler-Modelle sind als 35 kW Version erhältlich. Scrambler Ducati. Ducati Events. Ducati erleben. Borgo Panigale. Ducati Club. Services Garantie Garantieverlängerung Ducati Approved - Ducati Gebrauchtmotorräder Road Assistance Wartung Home Benutzerhandbücher Sicherheitskampagne Transparente Wartung Ersatzteile Kataloge Händlernetz Händlersuche Finanzierung Ducati Financial Services. Motorräder Diavel. NEU: Superleggera V4. Ein rekordverdächtiges Leistungsgewicht, ergänzt durch das aerodynamische Design der GP Entdecken Sie die neue Superleggera V4.

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