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Yamaha receiver handbuch

Anleitungen Marken Yamaha Anleitungen Receiver RX-V Bedienungsanleitung Yamaha RX-V Bedienungsanleitung. Seite von Vorwärts. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Fehlerbehebung APPENDIX 52 Anhang Verwandte Anleitungen für Yamaha RX-V Receiver Yamaha RX-V Bedienungsanleitung Seiten. Receiver Yamaha RX-V Bedienungsanleitung Av receiver Seiten. Seite 3 Yamaha socket outlet.

The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of two years from the date of the original purchase. Seite 5: Inhaltsverzeichnis Connecting a TV monitor or projector Seite 7: About This Manual DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS- HD Master Audio are trademark of DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Changes a sound field program to direct mode see page Seite 9: Rear Panel AV 5 AV 6 AUDIO1 AUDIO2 DOCK terminal For connecting an optional Yamaha iPod universal dock YDS- 11 or Bluetooth wireless audio receiver YBA see page Seite Front Panel Display Part names and functions Front panel display VOL.

SLEEP STEREO MUTE TUNED SBL SB SBR HDMI indicator Lights up during normal communication when HDMI is selected as an input source. CINEMA DSP indicator Lights up when a sound field program that uses CINEMA DSP is selected. DISPLAY Changes the operation mode of the iPod connected to the Yamaha iPod universal dock see page Remote control signal transmitter MUTE Transmits infrared signals. Turns the mute function of the sound output on and off see TRANSMIT page Be sure to aim the remote control directly at the remote control sensor on this unit during operation.

Remote control sensor window within 6 m 20 ft Take off the battery compartment cover. Use a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier, such as the Yamaha Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System. Place it exterior to the front left and right speakers facing slightly inward to reduce reflections Seite Connecting Speakers To obtain the d Surround speaker L SURROUND L balanced sound during playback, set the speaker output characteristics in advance using the Yamaha Parametric e Surround speaker R SURROUND R Room Acoustic Optimize YPAO, see page 18 or One of the cables is colored differently or striped to indicate a polarity.

Seite Information On Jacks And Cable Plugs Connections Information on jacks and cable plugs This unit has the following input and output jacks. Use jacks and cables appropriate for components that you are connecting. Seite Connecting A Tv Monitor Or Projector Connections Connecting a TV monitor or projector Connect a video monitor such as a TV or projector to an output terminal of this unit.

You can select one of the following three types according to the input signal format supported by the video monitor. For more details, consult the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Seite Optimizing The Speaker Setting For Your Listening Room Ypao Optimizing the speaker setting for your listening room YPAO This unit has a Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimizer YPAO.

With the YPAO, this unit automatically adjusts the output characteristics of your speakers based on speaker position, speaker performance, and the acoustic characteristics of the room. Seite Basic Operation BASIC OPERATION Playback Basic procedure Using the SCENE function This unit has a SCENE function that allows you to change Turn on external components TV, DVD input sources and sound field programs with one key.

Four player, etc. Seite Muting Audio Output Temporarily Mute Playback Press gInput selection keys on the Enjoying pure hi-fi sound remote control for the input source whose Use Direct mode to enjoy the pure high fidelity sound of remote control code was registered in step 1 the selected source. When Direct mode is activated, this for about 3 seconds while pressing down unit plays back the selected source with the least circuitry. Information displayed on the front panel display can be changed by pressing CINFO or iINFO.

Select the desired input source, and press The following information can be displayed according to mOPTION. Seite Enjoy The Sound Field Programs Enjoy the sound field programs This unit is also equipped with a Yamaha digital sound field processing DSP chip. You can enjoy multi-channel sounds for almost all input sources using various sound field programs stored on the chip and a variety of surround decoders. Seite 29 Enjoy the sound field programs Program Descriptions Drama This sound field features stable reverberations that match a wide range of movie genres from serious dramas to musicals and comedies.

The reverberations are modest but offer an optimum 3D feeling, reproducing effects tones and background music softly but cubically around clear words and center positioning in a way that does not fatigue the listener even after long hours of viewing. Seite 30 Enjoy the sound field programs For Multi-channel stereo reproduction Program Descriptions 7ch Stereo Use this program to output sound from all speakers.

When you play back multi-channel sources, this unit downmixes the source to 2 channels, and then outputs the sound from all speakers. This program creates a larger sound field and is ideal for background music at parties, etc.

When registration is complete, the screen returns to FM To end the operation, press mOPTION. Seite Radio Data System Tuning Europe And Russia Models Only Radio Data System tuning Europe and Russia models only Radio Data System is a data transmission system used by FM stations in many countries. If you press nCursor n, this unit searches When an affiliate station starts broadcasting the downward from the current frequency.

The following sections describe the procedure when using the YDS The option menu can be displayed only in menu browse mode. Seite Advanced Operation ADVANCED OPERATION Setting the option menu for each input source OPTION menu This unit has an OPTION menu of frequently used menu items for input sources compatible with this unit.

The procedure for setting the OPTION menu items is described below. Seite Operating Various Settings For This Unit Setup Menu Operating various settings for this unit Setup menu You can call the setup menu using the remote control and change the settings of various menus. You can change the following settings in the setup menu. Seite Basic Operation Of The Setup Menu Operating various settings for this unit Setup menu Basic operation of the setup menu Speaker Setup You can set various items for speakers.

Two kinds of Press lSETUP on the remote control. Seite 46 Operating various settings for this unit Setup menu Low-frequency components of other channel signals Small Select this when small surround speakers are connected. Low-frequency components of Front Other Parameter Subwoofer surround channels are output from a speakers speakers subwoofer.

If a subwoofer is not connected Both they are output from front speakers. Seite Function Setup Operating various settings for this unit Setup menu Auto 2 Display Adjustable range: 0 to ms 1 ms step Enables manual fine adjustment of the correction time You can set items for the front panel display. For Sets the maximum volume level so that the volume will details, see page Seite Controlling Other Components With The Remote Control Default Input source Category Manufacturer Turns on and off an external component.

Seite Advanced Setup Two IDs are provided for the remote control of this unit. If change settings. Seite Appendix Refer to the table below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, turn off this unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Seite 53 Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy page The sound suddenly The protection circuitry has been activated Check that the speaker wires are not touching each — goes off.

The sleep timer has turned off this unit. Seite Hdmi Troubleshooting Problem Cause Remedy page The audio input The connected component is not set to Set the playback component properly referring to its — sources cannot be output the desired digital audio signals.

Seite Remote Control Connect error There is a problem with the signal path Turn off this unit and reconnect the Yamaha iPod from your iPod to this unit. Remove your iPod in the Yamaha iPod universal dock and then place it back in the dock. Before Auto Setup Seite 58 Check whether the speakers are properly placed and connected. The optimizer microphone or OPTIMIZER MIC jack may be defective.

Contact the nearest Yamaha dealer or service center. If a monitor such as a TV is connected to this unit — Providing are stored as single bit values at a high-frequency sampling rate of an interface between any source such as a set-top box or AV receiver 2. Seite Sound Field Program Information Yamaha original sound field compression artifact.

As a result, flattened complexity due to the loss technology combined with various digital audio systems. This unit supports the HDMI control function. When a TV that supports the HDMI control function is Turn on all components connected to this connected with this unit via the HDMI connection, the unit via the HDMI connection.

NTSC [U. PAL 1 kHz, 0. Seite 65 Index Projector connection B, A Config, speaker setup L, C Distance, speaker setup LR, A Config, speaker setup Seite 68 Royaume-Uni. Seite Netzspannung. Yamaha kann nicht verantwortlich gemacht werden für Schäden, die auf die Verwendung dieses Gerätes mit einer anderen als der vorgeschriebenen Spannung zurückzuführen sind.

Seite Begrenzte Garantie für den Europäischen Wirtschaftsraum EWR und die Schweiz Herzlichen Dank, dass Sie sich für ein Yamaha Produkt entschieden haben. In dem unwahrscheinlichen Fall, dass die Garantie für das Yamaha-Produkt in Anspruch genommen werden muss, wenden Sie sich bitte an den Händler, bei dem es gekauft wurde.

Seite Eingangsquelle OPTION-Menü Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Seite Frontblende-Display Teilebezeichnungen und -funktionen Frontblende-Display VOL. SLEEP STEREO MUTE TUNED SBL SB SBR HDMI-Anzeige Leuchtet während einer normalen Verbindung, wenn HDMI als Eingangsquelle ausgewählt ist. CINEMA DSP-Anzeige Leuchtet, wenn ein Soundfeldprogramm gewählt ist, das CINEMA DSP verwendet. Seite Fernbedienung Menüanzeige.

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