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Handbuch ducati hypermotard 821

File Size. Download Links. Ducati Monster Service Manual. Ducati Scrambler Owners Maint. Ducati Motor Holding S. Is an Italian motorcycle company headquartered in the Borgo Panigale area of Bologna. Ducati is owned by the German car manufacturer Audi AG. Ducati was founded in by the Ducati brothers, whose surname later became the brand.

At first, this small enterprise was engaged in the production of radio components. After the war ended, in the second half of the 40s, the company became state-owned. Due to the huge shortage of inexpensive vehicles, management decided to produce motorcycles.

So the company Ducati survived its rebirth. The beginning of the 50s was marked by a huge demand for motorcycles. Most Italians when choosing light vehicles preferred the Ducati models. At first, the bikes had a 50 cc engine and good traction. A few years later, Ducati motorcycles were equipped with an electric starter and a continuously variable transmission.

In the next few years after the appearance of a new designer at the enterprise, the brand became the leader in the production of sports models. In the 90s, in the production of Ducati engines, they began to use a water cooling system and fuel injection into the combustion chamber.

Until today, the brand introduces the most advanced computer technologies to increase competitiveness. Audi AG became the owner of the company in The first-born of the company was created on the basis of a reinforced bicycle frame. This model is the ancestor of modern mopeds with pedals.

Despite the small engine capacity of 50 cubic meters. This, along with low weight, caused increased demand for Cucciolo in the distant 50s. Subsequent modifications were equipped with a three-speed gearbox and an engine, which had a volume of 98 cubic meters.

This model began to be produced inand it became a representative of a new generation. Such indicators were achieved due to the location of the camshaft in the head, which attracted the attention of motorcycle racers of the time to the model. Athletes used this model in their competitions. The engine could withstand overloads for a long time and give out more than 11, revolutions. A new generation of sports bikes takes on fresh forms and design at the very beginning of the 70s.

Its power was 60 hp. The frames of these motorcycles were made of an alloy of chromium and molybdenum, and the cylinders were made of aluminum, covering them inside with special additives made of silicon and nickel. At the beginning ofthe production of this Ducati motorcycle began. Every detail of the engine was designed on a computer. After a long and painstaking work, the designers managed to get high technical indicators: hp and 10, rpm.

The engines that were used in the assembly of this motorcycle are widely used on subsequent models. Adly Aeon AJS Aprilia Arctic Cat Armada Atlant Bajaj Baltmotors Baotian Barossa Benelli Beta BMW Bombardier BSA Buell Cagiva Can-Am CFMoto CZ Daelim Derbi DKW Ducati Gas Gas Gilera Harley-Davidson Honda Honling Husaberg Husqvarna Hyosung Irbis Jawa Jianshe Kawasaki KTM Kymco Linhai Malaguti Masai Moto Guzzi Moto Morini MV Agusta MZ Norton Pannonia Peugeot Piaggio Polaris Racer Rieju Royal Enfield Stels Suzuki SYM TGB Triumph Vento Vespa Yamaha Zongshen.

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Manuals Brands Ducati Manuals Motorcycle Hypermotard Owner's manual Ducati Hypermotard Owner's Manual Ducati hypermotard motorcycle owner's manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Ducati multistrada s pikes peak owner's manual pages. Motorcycle Ducati Monster Owner's Manual Ducati monster motorcycle owner's manual pages. Ducati supersport cr-sp desmodue motorcycle owner's manual 78 pages.

Page 3 We'd like to welcome you among Ducati enthusiasts and congratulate you on your excellent choice of motorcycle. We imagine you'll be riding your Ducati motorcycle for long trips as well as short daily excursions. Ducati Motor Holding S. Instrument Panel Dashboard Page 5 Menu 1 functions: Average Fuel Consumption ALL DEFAULT Resetting the default parameters of indicator CONS.

AVG all Riding Modes Menu 1 functions: Instantaneous fuel consumption DEFAULT Resetting the default parameters of a indicator CONS. LIGHT Page 6 Controls Pre-ride checks Position of motorcycle controls Starting the motorcycle Key-operated ignition switch and steering Moving off lock Braking Left-hand switch Stopping the motorcycle Clutch lever Parking Right-hand switch Refueling Throttle twistgrip Tool kit and accessories Front brake lever Rear brake pedal Gear change pedal Main maintenance operations Adjusting the position of the gearchange and rear Page 7 Clean the motorcycle Suspensions Storing the motorcycle Exhaust system Important notes Available colors Electrical system Scheduled maintenance chart Routine maintenance record Scheduled maintenance chart: operations to be performed by the Dealer Routine maintenance record Scheduled maintenance chart: operations to be performed by the customer Technical data Weights Page 8: Introduction Safety guidelines Important Your safety and that of others are very important.

Before using your motorcycle for the first time, Note Page 9: Permitted Use Permitted use Attention This motorcycle may be used on dirt roads or for off- Riding without a license is illegal and punishable road riding. Make sure you always have your license on you when setting out on the motorcycle. Do not allow inexpert riders or those not in possession of an Attention authorized driver's license to ride the motorcycle. Page 10 Some countries require mandatory insurance Attention coverage.

Make sure that the helmet is in compliance with safety specifications, provides excellent visibility, is Attention the correct size for the head, and has the DOT Department of Transportation label affixed to the Check the laws applicable to your country. Page Reporting Of Safety Defects 1 Removal of, or puncturing the muffler, baffles, NHTSA cannot become involved in individual header pipes or any other component that problems between you, your dealer, or Ducati North conducts exhaust gases.

To contact NHTSA, you may either call the Page Clothing information on your State and which can be viewed Important on the M. Motorcycle Safety Foundation In any case, avoid wearing loose or floppy website www. Page Best Practices" For Safety Motorcycle" shall be observed carefully. Exhaust gases are poisonous and may lead to loss of Failure to follow these instructions releases Ducati consciousness or even death within a short time. Motor Holding S. Page 14 Important Important The passenger should always hold on to the Visually inspect the tires at regular intervals for grab handles under the seat with both hands.

Replace them if badly damaged. Page Refueling Refueling Attention Refuel the motorcycle in an open area and with the In case of malaise caused by prolonged engine switched off. Page Carrying The Maximum Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Important Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding Never fix bulky or heavy objects to the steering with the maximum load allowed carried in full safety.

Page Dangerous Products - Warnings Dangerous products - warnings Attention Used engine oil The brake fluid used in the brake system is corrosive. In the event of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash the affected area with generous Attention quantities of running water. Prolonged or repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer. Page 18 The cooling fan operates automatically: keep hands well clear and make sure your clothing does not get caught in the fan.

Battery Attention The battery gives off explosive gases; keep it away from any source of ignition such as sparks, flames and cigarettes. Page Vehicle Id Number These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. We recommend that you note the frame number of your motorcycle in the space below. Page Engine Id Number Engine ID number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts.

We recommend that you note the engine number of your motorcycle in the space below. Engine number. Fig Page Plate Positioning Plate positioning Fig Page 23 only Canada Fig Page 24 8 Only Canada Fig Page Noise And Exhaust Emission Control System Information Carbon monoxide does not react in the same way, Problems that may affect motorcycle but is toxic. Ducati utilizes lean carburetor settings emissions and other systems to reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

If you are aware of any of the following symptoms, Page California Emission Control Warranty Statement Your Warranty Rights And Obligations You are responsible for presenting your periods of time listed below provided there has been motorcycle to a Ducati dealer as soon as a no abuse, neglect or improper maintenance of your problem exists. The warranty repairs should be motorcycle. Attention In the event of a fuel system malfunction, Fig 8 contact a Ducati Authorized Service Center.

Page Ducati Limited Warranty On Emission Control System Air Resources Board. Any part or parts replaced under Ducati North America, Inc. In Cupertino, California, warrants that each new the state of California only, emissions related Page 29 Ducati dealer. Ducati shall not be liable A. Repair or replacement required as a result of for any other expenses, loss or damage, whether Page 30 This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

This warranty is in addition to the Ducati limited motorcycle warranty. Additional information Any replacement part that is equivalent in performance and durability may be used in the performance of any maintenance or repairs.

Page Instrument Panel Dashboard Instrument Panel Dashboard Instrument panel 1 LCD Dot-Matrix. REV COUNTER rpm. Indicates engine revs per minute. Comes on when in neutral position. Fig 9 Turns on to indicate that the high beam lights are on. Page 32 6 LOW FUEL LIGHT AMBER YELLOW. DTC intervention light 7 TURN INDICATOR LIGHTS GREEN. Page 33 10 ABS LIGHT AMBER YELLOW Fig 9. Page 35 Ride by Wire RbW The Ride by Wire system is the electronic device that controls throttle opening and closing.

Since there is no mechanical connection between the throttle twistgrip and the throttle body, the ECU can adjust power delivery by directly affecting throttle opening angle. Page Function Pushbuttons Function pushbuttons 1 CONTROL BUTTON Button used to display and set instrument panel parameters with the position " ".

Never operate the instrument panel controls while riding the motorcycle. Data displayed on the main screen are as follows: 1 Engine RPM Indicator; 2 Vehicle Speed Indicator; Page 39 To fit Performance exhaust kit part no. Service Center. Page 40 Once initial check is completed, the instrument panel always goes to the "main" displaying page, with the following information appearing on the display: MENU 1 3 : TOT - Odometer; MENU 2 4 : engine coolant temperature indicator SET UP - Set "Riding Mode" indicator 5 ; Engine RPM indicator RPM 7 ; Page Engine Rpm Indicator Rpm Engine rpm indicator RPM This function shows engine rpm.

The instrument panel receives the engine rpm information and displays it. This information on rpm is displayed progressively from left to right. Page Menu 1 Functions Menu 1 functions MENU 1 functions are: Odometer TOT ; Trip meter 1 TRIP1 ; Trip meter 2 TRIP2 ; Partial fuel reserve counter TRIP FUEL ; Average Fuel Consumption CONS. AVG ; Instantaneous fuel consumption CONS. Note Value will not be lost upon Battery Off.

Note If a string of flashing dashes " " is displayed within odometer function, please contact a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Service Center. Page Menu 1 Functions: Trip Meter Trip 1 Menu 1 functions: Trip meter TRIP 1 This function shows the partial distance traveled km or miles, based on the specific application. Holding the 1 button pressed for 3 seconds when this function is displayed resets the trip meter.

When the reading exceeds Page Menu 1 Functions: "Trip 2" Meter Trip 2 Menu 1 functions: "Trip 2" meter TRIP 2 This function shows the partial distance traveled km or miles, based on the specific application. Page Menu 1 Functions: Partial Fuel Reserve Counter Trip Fuel Menu 1 functions: Partial fuel reserve counter TRIP FUEL This function shows the distance traveled km or miles, based on the specific application on fuel reserve.

When the Low fuel light turns on, the display automatically shows the TRIP FUEL function, regardless of the currently displayed function; Page Menu 1 Functions: Average Fuel Consumption Indicator Cons. Avg Menu 1 functions: Average Fuel Consumption indicator CONS. The calculation is made considering the quantity of fuel used and the distance traveled since Trip 1 was last reset.

When Trip 1 is reset, the value is reset and the first value available is displayed 10 seconds after the reset. Page Menu 1 Functions: Instantaneous Fuel Consumption Indicator Cons. Menu 1 functions: Instantaneous fuel consumption indicator CONS. The calculation is made considering the quantity of fuel used and the distance traveled during the last second. The unit of measurement can be changed through the "Change unit of measurement UNITS " Page Menu 1 Functions: Average Speed Indicator Speed Avg Menu 1 functions: Average speed indicator SPEED AVG This function shows the average speed of the motorcycle.

The calculation considers the distance and time since Trip 1 was last reset. Page Menu 1 Functions: Trip Time Indicator Time Trip Menu 1 functions: Trip time indicator TIME TRIP This function shows the vehicle trip time.