Ducati 748 handbuch



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Ducati 748 handbuch

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Manuals Brands Ducati Manuals Motorcycle monoposto strada Owner's manual Ducati Owner's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Workshop Manual. Owner's manual. Related Manuals for Ducati Motorcycle DUCATI S Owner's Manual 68 pages. Motorcycle Ducati Sport Bevel Heaven Workshop Manual pages. Ducati multistrada s pikes peak owner's manual pages. Page 3 Ducati motorcycle for long whatsoever for any mistakes incurred in drawing up this journeys as well as short daily trips.

Ducati Motor Holding manual. The information contained herein is valid at the s. Page 6: General Ducati Motor Holding S. In case of any doubts, please call a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Workshop. The information contained herein will prove useful on your trips - and Ducati Motor Holding S.

Page 7: Useful Information For Safe Riding Useful information for safe riding lane in good time using the suitable turn indicators. Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride within the Warning blind spot of vehicles ahead. Read this section before riding your motorcycle. Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or when riding in the areas near exits from private grounds, car Accidents are frequently due to inexperience.

Page 8: Carrying The Max Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety. Even weight distribution is critical to preserving safety features and avoiding trouble when performing sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads. Information about carrying capacity The total weight of the motorcycle in running order including rider, pillion passenger, luggage and additional Page 9: Identification Data Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, for frame fig.

Frame number Engine number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and are required when ordering spare parts. Page Controls CONTROLS Warning This section details the position and function of all the controls you need to drive your motorcycle. Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Position of motorcycle controls fig.

Page Instrument Panel Instrument panel fig. Comes on when right high beam is on. Gives road speed. Indicates engine coolant temperature. Gives total distance covered. Page Keys Keys fig. Note The keys have a small plate 1 attached that reports their identification number. Note Separate the two keys and keep the identification plate 1 in a safe place. Page Ignition Switch And Steering Lock Ignition switch and steering lock fig.

Note To move the key to the last two positions, press it down before turning it. Page Clutch Lever Clutch lever fig. It features a dial adjuster 2 for lever distance from the twistgrip on handlebar. To set lever distance from twistgrip, push lever 1 fully forward and turn the dial adjuster 2 to one of its four positions.

Push the button 1 to enable control. In this way, the throttle control 2 will lightly turn, thus increasing the engine rotation speed. Use this device to start the engine from cold page Page Right Switch Right switch fig. Page Rear Brake Pedal Rear brake pedal fig. The system is hydraulically operated. Page Setting The Gear Change And Rear Brake Pedals Setting the gear change and rear brake pedals fig.

To set the gear change pedal, lock linkage 1 and loosen the check nuts 2 and 3. Page Tank Filler Plug Tank filler plug fig. OPEN Lift the plug. Closing Refit the plug with the key in it and push it down into its seat. Page Seat Catch And Helmet Hook Seat catch and helmet hook Opening fig. Pull gently the tail guard 2 outwards and lift it until it rests onto the fuel tank. On the rear end of the compartment underneath the seat, there is the helmet fastening cable. Page 23 Closing fig.

Press on the passenger pillion to allow the clips 3 — integral with the fairing - to catch the pins 4 — integral with the frame, until you hear the catch click. Page Side Stand Side stand fig. Note Do not park on soft or pebbled ground or on asphalt melt It is possible to start the engine with side stand Page Steering Damper Steering damper fig.

It gives improved steering accuracy and stability, thus Page 26 STANDARD factory setting is as follows: compression: 12 clicks; rebound: 11 clicks. To change the preload of the spring inside each fork leg, turn the hex. The adjuster 1 located on the left side, on the connection holding the shock absorber to the swingarm, controls rebound damping. Page 28 Warning Use a specific pin wrench only to turn the preload adjusting nut.

Be careful when turning the nut to avoid hurting your hand hitting motorcycle parts. The pin may slip out of the nut recess while carrying out such operation. Page Shock Absorber Adjusters Shock absorber adjusters fig. Be careful when turning the nut to avoid The adjuster 1 located on the left side, on the hurting your hand hitting motorcycle parts.

Page Changing Motorcycle Track Alignement Changing motorcycle track alignment fig. Modifying factory setting is a very delicate operation, which may lead to serious damages if carried out by unskilled people. Page Directions For Use During the first km, keep an eye on the revolution Warranty Card should be observed carefully. Strict observance of running-in recommendations will ensure longer engine life and reduce the likelihood of overhauls and tune-ups.

Page Pre-Ride Checks Warning as follows: In case of malfunctioning, do not start the Fuel level in the tank motorcycle and call a DUCATI Dealer or Authorized Check fuel level in the tank. Fill tank if needed page Engine oil level Check oil level in the sump through the sight glass. Page Starting The Engine page Warning The side stand must be fully up horizontal position as its safety sensor prevents engine start when down.

Page 35 If needed, allow 10 seconds before attempting to restart the engine. Page Braking Stopping the motorcycle Braking If you let go of the throttle twistgrip, the motorcycle will Slow down in time, shift down to engine-brake first and slow down gradually and smoothly. Then, shift down then brake applying both brakes. Pull the clutch lever releasing the clutch, and finally change from first to before stopping the motorcycle, to avoid sudden engine neutral.

Page Parking Parking Refueling fig. Fuel should never page To avoid theft, turn the handlebar fully left and block it by turning the ignition key to the LOCK position. Page Tool Kit And Accessories 1 mm box wrench. DUCATI fig. Page Main Maintenance Operations Plexiglas headlamp fairing. Some fastening screws are of the self-tapping type; do not overtighten, otherwise threading might damage thus avoiding further use. Important On thethe body panels are held in place by special screws instead of quarter-turn fasteners.

Page 41 Headlamp fairing fig. Undo the two fastening screws 2 of the headlight support and disconnect the four connectors 3 joining the two body panels together. Page Cleaning And Changing Air Filters Cleaning and changing air filters fig. Remove parts indicated in the following description only.

The air box is accessible after removing the body panels and the headlamp fairing see pages 40 and Page 43 Remove the filter 2, fig. Clean the filter cartridge with compressed air or fit a new one, if needed. Page Checking The Coolant Level Checking the coolant level fig. The coolant level must be between the MAX and MIN marks. Top up if the level is too low. Remove the l. Page Checking Brake And Clutch Fluid Level If you find exceeding play on brake lever or pedal and each reservoir fig.