Handbuch bmw e60



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Handbuch bmw e60

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Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Automobile SERIE 5-E Owner's handbook manual BMW SERIE 5-E Owner's Handbook Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Owner's Handbook. Driving Machine. Online Edition for Part-No. Automobile BMW i Owner's Manual pages.

Summary of Contents for BMW SERIE 5-E Page 1 Owner's Handbook Contents for Vehicle A to Z The Ultimate Driving Machine Online Edition for Part-No. Page 2 BMW. Page 3 BMW AG, Munich. Order No. Page 4: Table Of Contents Technical features for driving comfort and Mutual aid safety Lights Reference Climate Technical data Practical interior equipment Short commands for the voice input system Driving hints From A-Z Driving precautions Online Edition for Part-No.

Symbol for components and assemblies Recommends that you study the relevant section of this Owner's Handbook in con- nection with a particular part or assembly. Page 6 Tests performed for such permits cannot always cover all operating conditions for BMW vehi- cles, and some of them therefore are insuffi- cient. Page 7 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 8: Overview This summary of buttons, switches and displays serves as an initial guide. In addition, it gives you an insight into the principles behind the various ways in which functions can be performed.

Page 9: Driving Area High-beam headlights, headlight Opening and closing windows flasher High-beam headlights Folding outside mirrors in and out assistant Adjusting outside mirrors Parking position function Parking lights Check Control Computer Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 12 You can call up further information, e. Page 13 Around the centre console: controls and displays Online Edition for Part-No. Page 14 19 Calling up start menu on control display Switching off automatic air 20 Dynamic Driving Control conditioningAir volume 99, Defrosting windows and removing mistHeated rear window 99, Online Edition for Part-No.

Settings for telephone Press the controller to call up the menu. Page 17 The field currently selected appears highlighted in the display. A symbol shows you which menu item of the start menu was last selected: Communication Navigation or on-board information Entertainment Climate menu Online Edition for Part-No. Page 20 Select "Exit assist. To turn back on, switch to the assistance win- dow and press the controller.

The command appears on the control dis- play. Page 22 Calling up functions immediately using short commands Short commands enable you to perform certain functions straight away, irrespective of which menu item is selected, see page Page 23 Keep the doors, windows and glass roof panorama glass roof closed in order to avoid interference from outside noise.

Page 24 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 25 Online Edition for Part-No. Page Controls This chapter enables you to operate your car with greater ease. All equipment items that are of relevance for driving and make your journey safer and more comfortable are described here. Page Opening And Closing Adapter for spare key You need the adapter to start the car with the spare key or to switch on radio readiness.

Page 29 Press and hold down the button. The win- Press the controller to call up the menu. Select "Vehicle settings" and press the controller. Page 30 The signals are switched on. Touring: unlocking the tailgate Press the button for about one second. The tailgate opens a short way, regardless of whether it was locked or unlocked. Page 32 Persons remaining in the car or pets left inside can lock the doors from the inside.

Take the remote control with you, so that the car can be opened from the outside. Page 33 Press the button: the tailgate will open as long ment lid lining make it easier to pull the luggage as it is not deadlocked. Page 34 Turn the controller. The setting is adopted; you can now change to another field.

Closing To avoid injuries, ensure that the closing area of the tailgate is unobstructed. Page 36 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 37 When a remote control is detected inside the passenger compartment after the car has been unlocked, the electric steering wheel lock dis- engages, see page Page 38 Despite the trap protection function, make sure that the windows are not obstructed as they close; if this precaution is Online Edition for Part-No. Page 39 Take the remote control with you when you leave the car, otherwise children could operate the roof and possibly injure themselves.

Page 40 Take the remote control with you when you leave the car, otherwise children could operate the roof and possibly injure themselves. Page 41 Pressing the switch again stops this movement. Opening and closing roof and sliding trim together Press the switch twice in rapid succession beyond the pressure point.

Pressing the switch again stops this movement. Page 42 Turn the roof in the desired direc- tion. To close, turn in the direction indicated by the arrow. Page Adjusting Occupants with sensitive hearing may have any restraining effect. Page 44 After releasing the lever, move the seat gently forward or back to make sure it Longitudinal direction engages properly in position. Height Seat tilt Online Edition for Part-No. Page 45 To facilitate entry and exit, the backrest width is temporarily opened fully.

The seat back contour can be altered to provide more support to the curved, lumbar section of the spine. Page 46 Briefly press memory button 1 or 2 as desired. The positioning movement is interrupted immediately if you briefly press a seat adjustment switch or one of the memory buttons. Page 47 On the Comfort seat, you adjust the distance manually or electrically, depending on the type between the head restraint and the back of your of seat. Page 48 5 mph, if the front passenger's seat belt is not fastened, if heavy objects are placed on the front passenger seat, or if the driver or front passenger unfasten their seat belts.

Page 49 To switch off: press and hold down the button. Temperature distribution The temperature distribution between the seat cushion and seat back can be varied. Press once per ventilation stage. Page 50 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 51 The steering wheel locks or unlocks automati- dark, turn the knob. Page 52 The start menu is called up. Press the controller to call up the menu. Select a button if appropriate and press the Select "Vehicle settings" and press the controller.

Page 53 Press and hold down the button. Page Child Safety Turn the key switch to the ON position. The front passenger's airbags are reactivated and can deploy correctly if the need arises. Page 55 Online Edition for Part-No.

Page 56 38, if children are travelling on the rear away from the area around the mountings. Front passenger's seat The ISOFIX child seat mountings are located behind the points marked with arrows. Page Driving You cannot take out the remote control unless the selector lever is in the P position: interlock. Radio readiness and ignition off All indicator and warning lamps in the instru- ment cluster go out.

Page 58 Control at the same time. Depress the brake. Starting proceeds automatically for a certain time, and ceases automatically as soon as the engine has started. Page 59 Otherwise the handbrake is applied. Press the SPORT button. The LED in the button lights up and the SPORT display appears in the instrument cluster. Page 62 D Drive, automatic position Use this position for all normal driving.

All for- ward gears are selected as necessary. P R N D DS M1 to M6 Online Edition for Part-No. Page 63 If the indicator lamp flashes more rapidly den: than usual, a flashing turn indicator bulb has failed; if towing a trailer, the failed bulb could be on the trailer.

Page 64 Deactivate the rain sensor in an automatic car wash, to prevent the car's wipers Switching off wipers or flick-wipe being activated inadvertently and damaged. Page 65 Do not use cruise control if adverse con- ditions prevent driving at constant speed, e. Page 66 Selected speed is displayed briefly hill gradient, the set speed may be exceeded.

It may also prove impossible to maintain speed with the available engine power on uphill gradi- ents. Page 67 Unaccustomed noises when the car is braked automatically are nor- mal. Page 68 Knurled wheel turned upwards: brakes at all times, or there is a risk of accidents. To reduce the distance. The system is not able to compensate marked Online Edition for Part-No.