Ktm 1290 super duke r werkstatthandbuch



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Ktm 1290 super duke r werkstatthandbuch

THE BEAST. KTM Super Duke R. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. But by all means, make it meaner! Boasting hp and Nm, the cc LC8, V-Twin has undergone a subtle yet impactful development. Optimized to be lighter but retaining its torquey character, this powerhouse is the benchmark of V-twin evolution. And with new engine and linkage mounts that add to the overall structure of the entire package - it quite literally is the part that holds THE BEAST together.

Thinner engine casings and revised water and oil cooler mounts have resulted in a 0. Oil delivery has also been improved by way of a lightweight aluminum oil line, eliminating the need for a double wall system. Additionally, the engine carrier bracket and linkage mount have been integrated into the engine case, allowing for a stiffer connection. This has also resulted in a 5 mm higher swingarm pivot for improved stability and anti-squat.

New topfeeder injectors and 56 mm throttle bodies provide an improved air to fuel mixture at high rpms. This results in more torque and better fuel economy throughout the rev range. You don't always need big changes to make big differences. In fact, when it comes to the PANKL gearbox, we've made a few small tweaks which have resulted in quicker shift times, shorter shift action and lighter lever modulation. Smoother shift action also comes courtesy of an improved spline shaft and bronzed copper coating on the shift forks.

Why do all this? Quite simply - quicker shift times equal faster acceleration. When it comes to burning fuel efficiently, two sparks are better than one. The twin spark ignition system makes use of more powerful ignition coils and two sparkplugs in each cylinder head.

This makes for an optimized firing sequence, resulting in more power, better control, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. To perform like a BEAST, the KTM SUPER DUKE R needs to breath like a BEAST. Thanks to an all-new ram air intake positioned in the new headlight mask, this rip snorting arrangement maximizes flow by forcing air into the combustion chambers.

This in turn reduces the chance of low air pressure and increases the fuel burn rate. The addition of a newly designed and easy-to-access air filter box makes for easy servicing too. State-of-the-art, machined titanium inlet valves with chromium nitride PVD coating — how impressive does that sound?

These feature a flat design, and weigh 19 grams less than steel inlet valves. When combined with the smaller combustion chamber on the KTM SUPER DUKE R, offer a compression ratio of While the pressure lubricated PASC slipper clutch allows for feather-light clutch modulation while accelerating, it's how it handles slowing down that's the really impressive bit.

When the engine experiences extreme back-torque during aggressive downshifting from speed, the clutch opens to prevent the rear wheel locking, giving the rider full control and perfect entry speed while hunting apexes. The Ride-by-Wire on the KTM SUPER DUKE R goes the extra mile. It electronically translates the throttle commands of the rider into the best throttle valve positions for the current riding situation. Choking, jolting and involuntary wheelies are a thing of the past.

Voluntary ones, however, could easily be a thing of your future. Formula1-inspired forged piston technology means we can push the limits of load capacity despite the extremely short and lightweight design. This results in minimized reciprocating weight and maximized responsiveness. The piston skirts also feature a state-of-the-art, hard anodized finish which minimizes friction, adding to the engine's free-revving nature. What's more, the hard-wearing durability of these parts add many years to an already impressive engine life.

This is not a case of "bark being worse than bite" - this BEAST roars! Up to 60 mm of drainpipe-like dimensions at the headers optimize gas flow, while 2 catalytic converters control emissions, without compromising the V-twin engine note or horsepower. To perform like a BEAST, the KTM SUPER DUKE R needs to breathe like a BEAST.

Thanks to an all-new ram air intake positioned in the new headlight mast, this rip snorting arrangement maximizes airflow into an all-new CFD optimized airbox with new, smaller resonator chambers. This arrangement maximizes flow by forcing air into the combustion chambers. A new frame concept, which uses the engine as a means to increase torsional rigidity, has resulted in the KTM SUPER DUKE R being 3 times stiffer than its predecessor.

This allows for an effortless, confidence-inspiring riding position which translate into an ultimately faster ride. This is achieved by maximizing the feedback from the chassis and the front tire. The frame also makes use of thicker diameter tubes with thinner walls, which is the single biggest weight saving measure on the bike - saving 2 kg compared to the previous model.

Multi-dexterity is the name of the game when it comes to this BEAST's tail. An all-new and lighter composite subframe combines a number of functions to save weight and increase functionality. The passenger seat, license plate holder and taillights bolt directly onto the subframe structure with no additional brackets or attachments needed. To increase feel and traction, the pivot point of the single-sided swingarm has been repositioned 5mm higher relative to the output sprocket for more control when putting the power down.

Combined with the repositioning of the engine in the frame, a steeper swingarm angle has been achieved, increasing anti-squat. Think of the suspension elements on THE BEAST as the muscles that work to get the power to the ground in the best way possible. Every component has been considered to improve the handling, adjustability and performance.

Lighter and fully adjustable WP APEX forks feature split function compression and rebound settings. This allows riders to fine-tune the front end for full-blown apex attacks, or to achieve perfect plushness for long hours on the road. And if that isn't enough to find the razor-edge of handling, adjustable preload settings will help you find the ultimate front-end stance.

New, lighter forged aluminum triple clamps with an offset of 32 mm have been matched to an aluminum steering column for added weight savings. Essentially, this is the bit that connects the nut holding the handlebars to the front end.

The newly developed WP APEX rear shock absorber features separate gas and oil reservoirs, making it lighter and more compact than its predecessor. It is also fully adjustable, with individual high- and low-speed adjusters and a 'no-tools-needed' manual preload dial for the ultimate in rear shock set-up. Through the power of leverage, the new linkage at the rear helps to smooth out rough roads, while still ensuring that full-attack track action remains uncompromised.

The progressive damping character also ensures optimized damping and bottoming out resistance. These wheels didn't just happen by the grace of a designer's pen - they are the product of a sophisticated CAD system, which determines the best shape in terms of strength and lightness. What that means is that these wheels are engineered down to the finest detail, they are lighter than before and look great.

Featuring a fine-particle silica compound, they offer much-improved grip in wet weather conditions, making for exceptional characteristics on the road but also phenomenal handling on the track. Reigning in THE BEAST comes courtesy of 4-piston BREMBO Stylema monobloc calipers clamping onto mm floating discs up front, and a twin piston floating caliper biting a mm disc at the rear. Finding the optimal seating position is made easy with an adjustable mm wide handlebar.

Riders can tailor their preferred reach with 4 positions over 21 mm, front to back, making it easy to attack corners and crucial for hanging on down the straights. The KTM SUPER DUKE R boasts an all-new TFT dashboard with increased functionality. To access this, a great deal of testing was done to develop robust and intuitive motorcycle switchgear, which incidentally pushes all the right buttons.

Riders can now adjust the wheel slip easily via paddle buttons on the switchgear, while in TRACK MODE, or can set two programmable switches for fast access to favored features or setting of their choosing. Hydraulic brake and clutch levers make for easy one-finger operation, while full reach adjustability ensures they are within easy grasp of even the most reach-challenged riders.

There's no doubting THE BEAST's performance credentials. But that doesn't mean riders have to sacrifice long-distance comfort either. While the KTM SUPER DUKE R is at home on the track, it's a naked street bike first. This means passenger comfort has been thoroughly thought-out and has been designed to allow for real-world, 2-up riding. Big lean angles come as standard, thanks to smart positioning of the foot pegs, which also allow for comfort on the road. However, further refinement is also possible with two positions, which lift the pegs higher and further backwards for a more aggressive stance.

And as can be expected, the gear shift pattern can be easily reversed to a 5 down, 1 up arrangement for full BEAST MODE track attacks. Shift and brake levers are fully adjustable too. There isn't much to say about the bodywork of the new KTM SUPER DUKE R as there is so little of it to talk about. But that's exactly how we like it!

Aggressive and menacing, the bodywork and panels had to achieve two objectives - tick all the ergonomic boxes and shave weight wherever possible. As such, every panel and plate has been calculated for optimum thickness and minimized where possible.

The only thing that remained heavy was attitude. Almost mantis-like, the new LED headlight doubles as a ram air intake, with air being channelled between the lights, keeping them cool, and directly into the airbox, making for a more efficient burn. Besides looking great, the dual-functionality resulted in cleaner, more compact lines and less overall weight. Thanks to an all-new, lighter composite subframe, the passenger seat, license plate holder and taillights could be seamlessly incorporated into a neat rear end, which keeps a little sting in the tail.

Completely new and made of steel, the 16 litre fuel tank has been crafted to bulk up THE BEAST's haunches. Also, the new shape and angle have been designed to support the rider on street and on the track. There's no mistaking that this is the meanest bike on the block.

A high-quality application process has been used to ensure the signature 'R' graphics stay put and never fade, while contrasting colors, tones and textures set the muscled creases of the KTM SUPER DUKE R off perfectly.

While the all-new headlight mask doubles as an intake snorkel, it's the twin LED headlights that really shine. Sharp, menacing lines enhance THE BEAST's overall look, while providing ample illumination when it gets dark. Daytime running lights also ensure you will get noticed, which not only earns you kudos when it comes to street cred, but more importantly, makes you more visible to other road users.

A new angle-adjustable 5 inch TFT screen takes center stage ahead of the rider, featuring a fresh design and innovative new functionality. An updated menu structure gives riders faster access to the various features and allows for more customization of preferred riding setups. The scratch resistant bonded glass display also helps to combat glare.

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