Bmw r1150r werkstatthandbuch



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Bmw r1150r werkstatthandbuch

Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Motorcycle R RT Repair manual BMW R RT Repair Manual Motorcycle bmw r rt. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Maintenance Manual. Table of Contents. Repair Manual. Chapters 00 Tightening Torques, Table Of Operating Fluids 10 00 Pre-Delivery Check 24 00 Maintenance 36 11 Motor 71 12 Engine Electrics 16 Fuel Tank and Lines 21 Clutch 23 Gearbox 31 Front Forks 32 Steering 33 Rear Wheel Drive 34 Brakes 36 Wheels and Tyres 46 Frame 61 General Electrical Equipment Related Manuals for BMW R RT Motorcycle BMW R S Repair Manual pages.

Motorcycle BMW R R Rider's Manual pages. Summary of Contents for BMW R RT Page 1 Repair Manual R RT BMW Motorrad After Sales Not to be reprinted, translated or duplicated either wholly or in part without prior written permission. Errors and omissions excepted; subject to technical amendment. Page 3 A new issue of this repair manual will be published if amendments or additions supplements are needed. Page 4: How To Use This Manual The list of contents is followed by the Technical Data table.

Key to symbols In this Repair Manual for the R RT model, the following symbols are used; their meanings are ex- plained in the table. Special instructions aimed at improving the work procedures Page 5 Job Order No. Page 6: Pre-Delivery Check All optional extras Installing remaining items on motorcycle Fill and charge battery record charging date [Integral ABS] Perform bleed test with BMW MoDiTeC Check engine oil when cold, correct as required Check tyre pressures Check tightness of rear lug bolts note torque specification!

Page Table Of Contents 00 Tightening torques, Table of operating fluids Contents Page Tightening torques Page 11 Page 12 Tightening torques Model R RT Connection 11 Engine Cylinder head Tightening sequence: 1 Tighten cylinder head nuts oiled in di- agonally opposite sequence 1. Page 13 Model R RT Connection 11 Engine Oil filter Oil filter Oil drain plug Oil pump Mesh filter basket to engine block Oil pump cover Pressure-relief valve Oil pressure switch Oil cooler Cooling oil line to engine block Cooling oil line - banjo bolt with oil vent Page 14 Model R RT Connection 12 Engine electrics Starter motor to engine Positive lead to starter motor Alternator to alternator mount cover Tensioning and retaining link to alternator Spacer to alternator Positive lead to alternator Belt pulley to alternator Belt pulley to crankshaft Page Table Of Operating Fluids Table of operating fluids Item Order No.

Quantity Lubricant Staburags NBU 30 PTM High-performance lubricating grease 07 55 9 75 g tube Optimoly MP 3 High-performance lubricating grease 07 55 9 g tube Optimoly TA High-temperature assembly grease 18 21 9 g tube Silicone greaseheavy Page 22 83 19 9 ml spray housings Crack testing agent for aluminium Developer MR 70 81 22 9 ml spray housings Installation aids BMW cooling spray Cooling spray 83 19 9 ml spray Page 23 Page 24 Installing cover for windscreen adjuster and installing windscreen Page 25 Page General View Of Crated Motorcycle General view of crated motorcycle R Page Checking The Crated Motorcycle For Damage DB and also Check for defects.

Page Assembling The Motorcycle Remove rear straps. Open RT the hinges of the lid and guide them into the base with the guide hook. Page Filling And Charging The Battery R Filling and charging the battery Warning: Battery acid is highly caustic. Page 31 Note: After switching on the ignition, always wait for the Note: BMW Integral ABS to complete its self-diagnosis. Follow the instructions for use supplied with the bat- Do not operate the brake lever until self-diagnosis tery charger.

Page Integral Abs: Performing Bleed Test With Bmw Moditec Self-diagnosis successfully completed. Check oil level with the motorcycle upright. Tyre pressures: one-up Page 35 Page Page 37 Contents Page Checking brake disc wear Page 38 Contents Page Tightening cylinder heads Page 39 III — BMW Annual Service Page Changing Engine Oil, Replacing Oil Filter Element Remove oil drain plug and drain off oil.

Page 44 Note correct direction of flow through fuel filter. Make sure that breather lines are correctly routed. Tightening torque: Fuel pump unit to fuel tank Page Checking Battery Fluid Level And Topping Up If Necessary; Cleaning And Greasing The Battery Posts R Checking battery fluid level 61 20 Note: and topping up if necessary; Disconnecting the battery means that the entries in cleaning and greasing the battery the fault memory of the Motronic MA2.

This can temporarily impair the operating character- Inspections III and IV istics when the engine is restarted. Note: After switching on the ignition, always wait for the BMW Integral ABS to complete its self-diagnosis. Do not operate the brake lever until self-diagnosis has completed. Warning: When performing maintenance and repair work on BMW Integral ABS, never pump quickly or vigorously.

Page Checking Brake Disc Wear 4. Replacing brake pads Do not operate the brake lever until self-diagnosis has completed. Integral brakes, the front brake must be ready for use. Use resetting tool, BMW No. Page 54 BMW No. Attention: Note Page 56 Note: bleed screw. Page Instructions For Filling Rear Wheel Circuit Reservoir Top up the fluid in the wheel-circuit reservoir until one of the three protrusions in the filler neck just 34 1 touches the surface of the fluid arrow. Page 58 BMW No.

Attention: After all the work on the brake system has been completed, run a bleed test using the Note: BMW MoDiTeC. Comply with all maintenance and repair instructions and always work through the various steps in the correct order. Page 60 3 and — front metering cylinder 1 for the second time using ring spanner, BMW No.

Instructions for bleeding: 1. Slowly pull brake lever until brake-light switch clicks blow-by bore closed. R Instructions for bleeding: 1. Page Checking Clutch Operating Fluid Level After all the work on the brake system has been completed, run a bleed test using the R BMW MoDiTeC. Specified level with a new clutch liner: Inspection IV every 2 years at the latest Attention: While bleeding the system, do not allow the brake Note: fluid level to drop below the bottom edge of the ring The description applies to a brake system filling and Tightening torque: Securing screws for rear wheel Page Tensioning Poly-V Belt BMW No.

Page Replacing Poly-V Belt Remove front intake pipe. Catch escaping oil. Attention: Do not bend electrodes - risk of breakage! Spark plug Page 69 Note: Throttle cable free travel: Zero play can cause the throttle valves to rattle Page 71 11 Motor Contents Page Technical Data Page 72 Contents Page Removing and installing alternator mount cover with engine installed Page 73 Contents Page Installing cylinder Page 74 Page 75 Technical Data 11 Engine R RT Engine, general Type Four-stroke opposed twin, air-cooled with oil- cooled exhaust ports, installed longitudinally, 4 valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, electronic fuel injection.

Location of engine number Crankcase Cylinder bore mm in 3. Page 78 Technical Data 11 Engine R RT Rocker arm Bore dia. Page 79 Technical Data 11 Engine R RT Crankshaft Marking of main bearing and crankpin on front crank no paint mark Undersize 0 paint mark Undersize 1 Page 80 Technical Data 11 Engine R RT Connecting rod Bore dia.

Measuring plane A — see Checking pistons and cylinders mm in Page Cutaway Drawing Of Engine Cutaway drawing of engine Page Lubricating-Oil Circuit Lubricating-oil circuit Page Cooling-Oil Circuit Cooling-oil circuit Remove front cover. Page Installing Auxiliary Frame Raising Frame Unit Clear Of Engine Remove the gearbox, swinging arm, rear axle and rear wheel together.

Page 89 If necessary, mask off the leading link to prevent it from being scratched. Attention: Catch escaping oil. Page Locking The Engine At Tdc Install locking device, BMW No. RS Note: The engine can be set to top dead centre with the TDC pin, BMW No. Page Removing And Installing Chain Tensioner RS Removing and installing chain 11 31 tensioner Attention: Do not mix up the chain tensioner pistons. When in- stalling, fit a new gasket. Work instructions, timing-chain tensioner Attention: Failure to observe this sequence can cause the chain tensioner piston on the left to drop into the timing-chain chamber.

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