Yamaha aerox handbuch pdf



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Yamaha aerox handbuch pdf

Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Scooter AEROX YQ50 Owner's manual Yamaha AEROX YQ50 Owner's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Service ManualOwner's Manual. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 54 Troubleshooting charts Related Manuals for Yamaha AEROX YQ50 Scooter YAMAHA AEROX YQ50 Owner's Manual 68 pages. Scooter Yamaha Majesty YPX Owner's Manual pages. Summary of Contents for Yamaha AEROX YQ50 Page 1 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle.

Page 3 EAU Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling! It is used to alert you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death. Printed in France. A alcohol or other drugs. Page 9 Yamaha accessories, which are avail- den imbalance. Make sure that ac- ries to your scooter. Use extra care able only from a Yamaha dealer, have cessories and cargo are securely when riding a scooter that has added been designed, tested, and approved cargo or accessories.

Page Specifications Yamaha, even if sold and any way reduce ground clearance tor and may limit control ability, installed by a Yamaha dealer. Braking can be extremely difficult Do not carry too much luggage on on a wet road. Rear brake lever page 9. Coolant level check window page 2. Left handlebar switches page 3. Speedometer unit page 4. Final transmission oil filler cap page 6. Fuel tank cap page 2.

Throttle grip page 3. Front brake lever page 4. Coolant reservoir cap page 5. The key while still pushing it. EWA WARNING PUSH Page Indicator And Warning Lights This indicator light flashes when the gine to cool. Do not continue to operate the en- EAU gine if it is overheating. ZAUM ZAUM 1. Speedometer 1. Tachometer 2. Odometer 2. Tachometer red zone The speedometer unit is equipped with The electric tachometer allows the rider a speedometer and an odometer.

Front brake lever 1. Rear brake lever 1. Fuel tank cap The front brake lever is located on the The rear brake lever is located on the To remove the fuel tank cap right handlebar grip. In addition, the tank. Page Catalytic Converters EAU The exhaust system is hot after op- containing methanol is not recom- eration.

To prevent a fire hazard or mended by Yamaha because it can burns: Recommended fuel: cause damage to the fuel system or ve- Premium unleaded gasoline only Do not park the vehicle near hicle performance problems. The use of leaded gasoline will cause unre- pairable damage to the catalytic converter. ZAUM Recommended oil: ZAUM See page Storage compartment B Oil quantity: 2. Remove the key from the main Kickstarter Rider seat switch if the scooter will be left un- attended. To open the rider seat 1.

Place the scooter on the center- Make sure that the seat is properly se- stand. Fold the storage compartment soften the suspension, turn the adjust- assembly if equipped cover down. Page 25 Do not deform or damage the cylinder in any way.

Cylinder damage will result in poor damping performance. Do not dispose of a damaged or worn-out shock absorber as- sembly yourself. Take the shock absorber assembly to a Yamaha dealer for any service. Page Operation And Important Riding Points Do not If the oil level warning light does not crank the engine more than 5 sec- come on, have a Yamaha dealer onds on any one attempt. If the en- check the electrical circuit. Page Starting Off OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS EAU EAU EAU Starting off Acceleration and deceleration Braking EWA WARNING Before starting off, allow the engine to Avoid braking hard or suddenly warm up.

While pulling the rear brake lever one sideotherwise the scooter with your left hand and holding the may skid or overturn. Page Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS EAU EAU Tips for reducing fuel con- Engine break-in sumption There is never a more important period in the life of your engine than the period Fuel consumption depends largely on between 0 and km mi.

For your riding style. Page Parking Yamaha dealer touch them and be burned. Do not park on a slope or on soft Page Periodic Maintenance And Adjustment If replaced more frequently, otherwise you are not familiar with vehicle ser- rapid engine wear may result. Con- vice, have a Yamaha dealer perform sult a Yamaha dealer for proper service. Page Periodic Maintenance And Lubrication Chart From km mirepeat the maintenance intervals starting from km mi. Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills.

Screw 1. Panel A 2. Screw To install the cowling ZAUM To install the panel 1. Cowling A Place the cowling in the original posi- 2. Page Checking The Spark Plug Clean the surface of the spark plug such problems yourself. Instead, have gasket and its mating surface, and then a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.

Page Final Transmission Oil Oil quantity: ride. If any leakage is found, have a 0. Check the final transmission case scooter. In addition, the final transmis- for oil leakage. If oil is leaking, sion oil must be changed as follows at check for the cause. Page Coolant If water has been before each ride. In addition, the cool- added to the coolant, have a ant must be changed at the intervals Yamaha dealer check the anti- specified in the periodic maintenance freeze content of the coolant as and lubrication chart.

Page Cleaning The Air Filter Element [ECA] nance and lubrication chart. Have a maintenance and lubrication chart. Yamaha dealer change the coolant. Clean the air filter element more fre- WARNING! Never attempt to remove quently if you are riding in unusually the radiator cap when the engine is wet or dusty areas.

Page Adjusting The Carburetor 1. Periodically check the throttle cable free play and, if neces- [ECA] 5. Install the air filter case cover by in- sary, have a Yamaha dealer adjust it. Page Cast Wheels This model is equipped with tubeless fore each ride.

If any damage is The replacement of all wheel tires. Do not attempt Page Checking The Front And Rear Brake Lever Free Play EAU Checking the front and rear Checking the front and rear Yamaha dealer check the brake sys- brake lever free play brake pads tem. The front and rear brake pads must be Page Checking The Brake Fluid Level 2 mm 0. Page Changing The Brake Fluid EAU Changing the brake fluid Checking and lubricating the Lubricating the front and rear Have a Yamaha dealer change the throttle grip and cable brake levers brake fluid at the intervals specified in The operation of the throttle grip should the periodic maintenance and lubrica- be checked before each ride.

Page Checking And Lubricating The Centerstand WARNING several times to check if the front If the centerstand does not move up fork compresses and rebounds and down smoothly, have a Yamaha smoothly. Otherwise, the centerstand could contact the ground and distract the operator, re- sulting in a possible loss of control.

Page Checking The Steering 2. Hold the lower ends of the front fork does not operate smoothly, fork legs and try to move them for- have a Yamaha dealer check or re- ward and backward. If any free pair it. WARNING 2.

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