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Piaggio liberty handbuch

Manuals Brands PIAGGIO Manuals Scooter Liberty Workshop manual PIAGGIO Liberty Workshop Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. WORKSHOP MANUAL. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 34 Engine poor performance Related Manuals for PIAGGIO Liberty Scooter PIAGGIO MP3 LT i. Instruction Manual pages. Scooter PIAGGIO Carnaby Service Station Manual pages.

Summary of Contents for PIAGGIO Liberty Page 1 WORKSHOP MANUAL Liberty - 4tempi Page 2 Not all versions shown in this publication are available in all countries. The availability of single models should be checked at the official Piaggio sales network. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part is prohibited.

Spa to be used by the workshops of Piaggio- Gilera dealers. This manual is addressed to Piaggio service mechanics who are supposed to have a basic knowledge of mechanics principles and of vehicle fixing techniques and procedures. Page 7: Safety Rules Even though the latter contains no asbestos, inhaling dust is harmful. Maintenance rules - Use original PIAGGIO spare parts and lubricants recommended by the Manufacturer.

Non-original or non-conforming spares may damage the vehicle. Page 9 Liberty - 4tempi Characteristics Engine ENGINE Specification Desc. Page 11 To ensure the best functioning of the SAS system, every 12, km the scooter should be taken to an Authorised Piaggio Service Centre to have the filter cleaned Scheduled maintenance operations section.

The filter sponge should be cleaned with water and mild soap, then it should be dried with a cloth and slight blows of compressed air. Page Assembly Clearances Liberty - 4tempi Characteristics Assembly clearances Cylinder - piston assy.

COUPLING BETWEEN PISTON AND ALUMINIUM CYLINDER WITH CAST IRON LINER Name Initials Cylinder Piston Play on fitting Coupling Page 15 Liberty - 4tempi Characteristics Name Description Dimensions Initials Quantity Oil scraper ring 1st Page 18 INDEX OF TOPICS TOOL OOLING Page 20 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y Punch for removing fifth wheels from headstock Y Wrench for steering tube ring nut Y Support base for checking crankshaft alignment Y Air heater support Y Air heater Y Oil pressure gauge Page 21 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y Crankcase splitting strip Y Driven pulley assembly sheath Y Clamp to assemble piston on cylinder Y Punch for assembling valve sealing rings Y MityVac vacuum-operated pump Y Stroboscopic light to check timing Page 22 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y Digital multimeter Y Digital rev counter Y Single battery charger Y Multiple battery charger TOOL - Page 23 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y Magnetic support for dial gauge Y 32xmm Adaptor Y 42xmm Adaptor Y 52xmm Adaptor Y 20 mm guide Y mm guide TOOL - Page 24 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y driving pulley lock wrench Y Adaptor 28 x 30 mm Y Adaptor handle Y adapter for valve removal tool Y Multimeter adaptor - Peak voltage detec- tion TOOL - Page 25 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y 15 mm guide Y mm guide Y Driven pulley lock wrench Y Driven pulley roller casing fitting punch Y Punch for flywheel-side oil seal Y Piston fitting fork TOOL - Page 27 Liberty - 4tempi Tooling Stores code Description Y Flywheel lock calliper spanner Y Transmission-side oil guard punch Y Exhaust fumes analyser Y Kit for sampling gas from the exhaust manifold TOOL - Page 30 Liberty - 4tempi Maintenance Action Driving belt - replacement Odometer gear - greasing Steering - adjustment Brake control levers - greasing Brake pads - check condition and wear Brake fluid level - check Transmission elements - lubrication Safety locks - check Page 31 Liberty - 4tempi Maintenance AFTER KM ' Action Engine oil - replacement Hub oil - change Spark plug - replacement Air filter - clean Engine oil - change Oil filter net filter - clean Valve clearance - adjustment Page 32 Liberty - 4tempi Maintenance CO check - Remove the exhaust gases outlet cap on the ex- haust pipe - Using the supplied washer, install the exhaust gases collection kit fitting onto the pipe, as shown in the figure.

Page 33 Liberty - 4tempi Maintenance CHECK THAT THE RESULT IS OBTAINED WITH THE VALVE GAS IN CLOSED POSITION. Page 36 Liberty - 4tempi Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation Failing automatic starter on the carburettor Check the electrical wiring and mechanical movement, replace if necessary.

Start-up enabling buttons failure Check continuity using an Ohm meter, with the switch pressed; replace if necessary Clean according to the procedure Starter inefficient Check: electric wiring, circuit continuity, mechanical sliding and power supply Loose nozzles Check the maximum and minimum nozzles are adequately Page 38 Liberty - 4tempi Troubleshooting Electrical system Battery BATTERY Possible Cause Operation Battery The battery is the electrical device in the system that requires the most frequent inspections and thorough maintenance.

If the vehicle is not used for some time 1 month or more the battery needs to be recharged periodically. Finally, check the locking torque of the wheel axle nut, the brake calliper and the disc. Page 40 INDEX OF TOPICS ELE SYS LECTRICAL SYSTEM Page 41 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Legend: 1. Front LHS turn signal lights 2 bulbs for each lamp 2. Immobiliser antenna 3. Electronic ignition device with integrated turn signal and choke controller.

Horn button 5. Turn signal switch 6. Page 42 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Low fuel warning light Turn signal warning light LHS Dashboard light bulbs Headlamp warning light Odometer with warning lights and level gauges 7 and 2 light bulbs respectively Page 44 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system IGNITION Specification Desc.

Page 45 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Battery recharge and starting BATTERY RECHARGE AND START-UP SECTION Specification Desc. Page 48 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Instruments and warning lights control board 4-PIN CONNECTOR Specification Desc. Page 49 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Immobiliser The electric ignition system is fed with direct cur- rent and is protected by an antitheft immobilizer integrated to the control unit.

The ignition system consists of: - electronic control unit - immobilizer aerial - master and service keys with built-in transponder - H. Page 51 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Once the control unit has been programmed, the control unit is inseparably matched with the MAS- TER key transponder. This matching allows programming further service keys in case of loss, replacement, etc.

Each new time new data is programmed the previously stor- ed one is deleted. Page 52 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system If it does not work, replace the aerial. If no faults are found, replace the control unit. Page 53 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system To avoid disturbances in the ignition system during start-up, it is very important that the engine-chassis ground connection bonding is efficient.

No spark plug When noticing no spark plug proceded as follows: - Pick-Up inspection. Page 55 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Battery recharge circuit The recharge system is provided with a three phase alternator with permanent flywheel.

The alternator is directly connected to the voltage regulator. In turn, the latter is directly connected to earth and to the battery positive passing through the 15A safety fuse. Page 56 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Voltage regulator check With a perfectly charged battery and lights off, measure voltage at the battery poles with a high running engine.

The voltage should not exceed In case higher voltages are detected, replace the regulator. Page 57 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system with the key switch set to "ON" check whether there is battery voltage; if there is no voltage, check the wiring connections to the key switch. If battery potential is found, repeat the inspection from the connector to the ECU. Page 58 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Sealed battery If the vehicle is provided with a sealed battery, the only maintenance required is the check of its charge and recharging, if necessary.

These operations should be carried out before delivering the vehicle, and on a six-month basis while the vehicle is stored in open circuit. Page 59 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system Commissioning dry-charged batteries : 1 - Remove the short closed tube and the caps, then pour sulphuric acid into the cells using the type specified for batteries with a specific gravity of 1.

Page 60 Liberty - 4tempi Electrical system After restoring the electrolyte level, check its density using an appropriate densitometer see the figure. Page 61 INDEX OF TOPICS ENG VE NGINE FROM VEHICLE Page 62 Liberty - 4tempi Engine from vehicle Exhaust assy. Removal - Remove the 2 fixing nuts from the manifold to the head - Undo the 2 screws fixing the muffler to the hous- ing; then remove the whole muffler paying atten- tion to the interference between its supporting bracket and the cooling cover.

Page 64 INDEX OF TOPICS NGINE Page Automatic Transmission Liberty - 4tempi Engine This section describes the operations to be carried out on the engine and the tools to be used. Automatic transmission Transmission cover - To remove the transmission cover it is necessary to remove the rear plastic cover first by inserting a screwdriver in the corresponding slotted holes.

Page 66 Liberty - 4tempi Engine Air duct filter - Unscrew the 2 fixing screws and slide off the filter. Removing the driven pulley shaft bearing - Remove the clip from the inside of the cover. Page Removing The Driven Pulley Liberty - 4tempi Engine Refitting the driven pulley shaft bearing - Heat up the crankcase inside with the hot air gun.

ALWAYS REPLACE THE BEARING WITH A NEW ONE UPON REFITTING. Page Removing The Clutch Liberty - 4tempi Engine Checking the bell working surface eccentricity - Install the bell on a driven pulley shaft using 2 bearings inside diameter: 15 and 17 mm. After- wards make the support screw make contact with a minimum force. Page 70 Liberty - 4tempi Engine 1 mm Pin retaining collar - Remove the collar with the aid of 2 screwdrivers. Removing the driven half-pulley bearing - Remove the retaining ring using two flat blade screwdrivers.

Page 71 Liberty - 4tempi Engine Inspecting the driven fixed half-pulley - Measure the external diameter of the pulley bush- ing. Page 72 Liberty - 4tempi Engine - To assemble the new ball bearing insert it com- pletely down in its housing with the specific punch and finally assemble the Seeger ring.

Specific tooling Y Adaptor 28 x 30 mm Y Adaptor handle Page 73 Liberty - 4tempi Engine Inspecting the clutch spring - Measure the unloaded length of the spring of the movable driven half-pulley. Characteristic Standard length: mm Refitting the clutch Version - Check the thickness of the clutch mass friction material.

Page 74 Liberty - 4tempi Engine - Insert the driving belt into the pulley unit accord- ing to their direction of rotation.

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