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Epson rx585 handbuch

Manuals Brands Epson Manuals Printer STYLUS PHOTO RX Series Service manual Epson Stylus Photo RX Service Manual. Quick Links. See also: Basic Operation Manual. SERVICE MANUAL Color Inkjet Printer. Related Manuals for Epson Stylus Photo RX All in One Printer Epson Stylus PHOTO RX Service Manual pages. Scanner Epson - Perfection PRO Color Scanner Update Epson scan icm updater v1.

Page 2 The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice. All effort have been made to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this manual. However, should any errors be detected, SEIKO EPSON would greatly appreciate being informed of them. IF THE EPSON PRODUCT HAS A PRIMARY AC RATING DIFFERENT FROM AVAILABLE POWER SOURCE, DO NOT CONNECT IT TO THE POWER SOURCE. Page 4: About This Manual Provides Epson-approved methods for adjustment.

CHAPTER 6. The main features are described below. Product No. Printer Specifications Print Mode Color Resolution Dot Size Micro Border Media Print Mode Bi-d Table Print Mode Monochrome Table The Supported paper type and sizes vary depending on destinations between EAI, EUR, and Asia. Table Supported Paper Supported Paper Thickness Weight Asia Paper Name Paper Size Letter C A U T I O N The curve of paper must be 5 mm or below. When printing on an envelope, be sure the flap is folded neatly.

Environmental Conditions 1. List of Supported Memory Card Max. LED Functions Power Printer Status Mode LED 1. Preset Scaling Factors for EAI Model Table Specifications for Handling Image Data memory card direct function. Specifications for Handling Image Data Item Specification Remarks Table Memory Card Mode Menu The printer acquires date and time Date and time information Menu Item Specifications on Writing Backup Data Item Specification The Backup Memory Card function provided in the Setup mode allows the user to make a backup copy of a memory card on a media in an external device.

Printing the A backup folder is automatically created on the destination media to save backed up images directly from the external device also can be made. The following table lists the leftmost two-digit error codes that are controlled by the printer firmware. Operations during Connecting DSC Table The following explains about the menu functions. Maintenance Menu Functions This menu is enabled only when described below. Motors and Sensors Printer Mechanism PF Motor PF Encoder Name Function CR Encoder Printhead F3-MACH Turbo 2 head 6 colors x 90 nozzles Type: DC motor Page Overview There must be no error in handling of the Unit.

Error List continued Error Name Displayed Message Occurrence Condition Recovery Procedure Press the start button to feed paper Paper Empty Error Paper out. Load paper and press the Start button. There is no paper in the sheet feeder. Warning List continued Warning Name Displayed Message Occurrence Condition Recovery Procedure External device installment Cannot recognize the device. An unsupported device has been installed.

Remove the device. Card insertion Cannot recognize the memory card or disk. Warning List continued Warning Name Displayed Message Occurrence Condition Recovery Procedure Select the number of copy. Only 1 copy can be selected.

More than one copy has been selected. Select only one copy. Warning List continued Warning Name Displayed Message Occurrence Condition Recovery Procedure Backup error Disconnect from PC before backing up files. Backup was attempted with the PC left connected. Disconnect the PC connecting to PC Backup error Backup canceled. P O I N T The latest fatal error can be identified using the adjustment program. Fatal Errors continued Category Error Code Error Cause Remedy PF acceleration lock error Checking the PF mechanism by visual inspection: Check the PF mechanism for paper jam or adhesion of foreign matters by visual PF speed over error inspection.

Fatal Errors continued Category Error Code Error Cause Remedy Maintenance Life expiration of maintenance Replace all the maintenance parts, and clear the maintenance counter. Listed below are various problems which may occur, observations of such problems, check point and remedies. Diagnostics when paper ejection is abnormal Condition Cause Check Point Remedy Turn the PF Roller, and check to see if the paper is transferred Faulty PF-related operation Engage the PF-related gears properly.

Diagnostics when printer stops during format Condition Cause Check Point Remedy Check to see if the hook securing the Paper Eject Frame has Paper Eject Frame not installed properly Install the Paper Eject Frame properly. Diagnostics when printing is abnormal Condition Cause Check Point Remedy Printhead surface is dirty Dot missing Alternate cleaning and test printing several times.

Clean the Printhead surface with a cotton swab. Power Supply Related Troubleshooting Diagnostics when printing is erratic Condition Cause Check Point Remedy Ink Cartridge not operating Install a new ink cartridge and test printing. Replace the ink cartridge. Troubleshooting for Memory Card Table In troubleshooting, first identify the trouble at the Assy level based on the observation.

Motor Resistance and Check Points Upper case of scanner is Upper case of scanner is Install the upper case. Page Overview Tweezers Any adjustments required after disassembling the units are described under the heading Note : All of the tools listed above are commercially available. When you have to remove any units or parts that are not described in this chapter, refer 4. In those The CSIC board refer to p. The cases, carry out any of the following operations to unlock the carriage and move method for making the tool is described below.

Page Disassembly And Reassembly Procedure Revision B 4. When disassembling each component, refer to the page indicated for the relevant component. The color and shape of the printer illustrated in this manual may P-TITE 3x10 Positioning holes and C. After routing the cables, Remove the Panel Assy p. Ferrite Core Remove the Paper Support. See p. Page 72 Figure Be sure to install the Hinge ASSY B long on the left side.

In C A U T I O N Head FFC Cover addition, be careful not to clog the nozzles by, say, touching the Head Cable nozzle side with your bare hand. Remove the screws x3 securing the Printhead. Lift the Printhead, and disconnect the FFCs x2. P-TITE 2. Perform disassembly and assembly of the Scanner Unit in an environment that minimizes intrusion of dust and dirt. Do not touch any parts with a greasy hand or part. Release the hook, and remove the CD-R Guide Lever.

Do not C A U T I O N touch it with your bare hand. In C A U T I O N addition, when removing the Waste Ink Tube, take care not to splash ink. At the rear of the printer, remove the tension spring of the Driven Pulley Assy. S TITE P4 3x6 Remove the APG Assy p.

Refer to the following section and When installing the Carriage Assy, refer to the following sections A D J U S T M E N T R E Q U I R E D Examine the patterns and enter Bi-D adjustment quality. After the cleaning, print a delivered from the Head properly, e. Find the part s you removed or replaced, and check which adjustment s must be carried out. Adjustment Items Priority Adjustment Item Part Name Front Paper Guide Remove Assy including PF Replace Shaft Remove PF Motor Replace Remove Waste Ink Tray Replace Waste Ink Tray Remove Waste Ink Pad This section explains how to judge print samples by using the adjustment program.

Band pattern Follow the instructions of the adjustment program for details of the adjustment methods. Figure

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