Audi mmi handbuch pdf



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Audi mmi handbuch pdf

For information on this topic, please review the Infotainment Manual for your vehicle or visit Video Tutorials. The available MMI 3G has a contact capacity of 5, contacts over four phone profiles. Therefore, if two different phone profiles contain 2, contacts, the remaining two phone profiles can house a maximum of 1, contacts combined to reach the maximum of 5, contacts.

For information on this topic, please review the Infotainment Manual for your vehicle or visit Video Tutorials and our Bluetooth Compatibility information. If equipped an SD Card slot, Model Year and earlier vehicles can utilize an SD Card with a maximum capacity of MB. Model Year to present vehicles with a SD Card slot can utilize High Capacity SD Cards. The MMI system is not configured to provide this functionality.

However, there is an optional DVD player for selected vehicles as the AMI cable is for Audi only. For more information, please contact your local authorized Audi dealer. Please refer to the owner's manual for all information and warnings. By using the site, you acknowledge that you are aware of the warnings and information that must be read within the owner's manual and will use this information to augment that material.

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Refine Refine Filter Model year. Apply Cancel. Frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of voice commands? Can I answer an incoming phone call without dropping the original phone call i. How do I pair my Bluetooth phone? Why won't my phone automatically connect when I re-enter the vehicle?

I have multiple phones that I want to pair with my Audi, how can I manage these separate profiles? I have two phones synchronized to my vehicle's Bluetooth system. Can I toggle between the two telephones? If a call comes in and I don't want other passengers in the vehicle to hear the conversation, is there a way to disable the Bluetooth and use just the handset? I want to change the informtion in a stored contact, can I do this through the MMI?

How do I hook up my iPod or other music players? What size SD memory card should I use to transfer music to the jukebox or simply play music? Can I import store-bought CDs into the jukebox? What file types does the MMI accept? Can I view videos stored on my iPod through the MMI screen? I've connected my Bluetooth phone, but I cannot access my phonebook.

How do I load or view my phonebook entries? Can I add a stopover to my route? Audi customer support If you have any questions that require additional support, please contact us. Contact us View FAQs.

Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Getting to know your. Related Manuals for Audi Q5 Automobile Audi Q7 Quick Reference Manual Audi automobile 9 pages. Automobile Audi Q7 Workshop Manual 6-cylinder tdi engine 3. Page 3: Table Of Contents This guide will assist you in better by texting the letter keys to the code understanding some of the features of your Q5 and provide you with provided.

A video tutorial will be sent the knowledge needed to enjoy your new Audi to its fullest. Message and data rates may apply. Page 5 Navigation plus. The thumbwheel can be used to scroll through the options.

Press it Steering Wheel Controls to make a selection. TEXT Q5SOUND to Do not text and drive. Setting Station Presets You can set any mix of up to 50 Presets from FM, AM or Sirius options. Press and hold the center control knob 2. To pair a phone: 1. Switch ignition to accessories mode. Page 8 Verbal destination commands can be given while in any screen. Page 9: Bluetooth Pairing Do not text and drive. Switch ignition to accessories mode and turn on the Audi concert radio.

Page Voice Recognition Voice Recognition: concert radio Name Tag Creation A name tag is required to operate the voice recognition system. TEXT Q5VOICE3 to To create a name tag: Do not text and drive. Press the button. Ensure SIM card provided by dealer information, travel information, news feeds and myAudi is present in the SIM slot.

Page 12 The Wi-Fi hotspot feature is intended for passenger use only. You can obtain more information from your current service provider. Get started with setting destinations and discover more as you become familiar with the interface. To set a destination: 1. The features and technologies discussed are optional, and should be used only when it is safe and appropriate.

Page 16 Automatic Climate Control cont. Fan Speed Fan speed is the same for both zones. Fan speed can be adjusted by first pressing the button and then adjusting the fan speed with either the driver or passenger control knob. Recirculation The recirculation function prevents outside air and odors from entering the cabin. Page Memory Seats Memory Seats Setting Your Memory Seats and Mirrors 1. Adjust the seat and mirrors to your desired positions.

Press on of the numbered memory buttons until you hear a tone; the memory position is saved. The side mirrors are programmed along with the seat position. Page Windshield Wipers Windshield Wipers TEXT Q5WIPERS to Do not text and drive. Rain Sensing Wipers To activate rain-sensing wipers: 1. The rain sensor will automatically turn the wipers on when it begins to rain, adjusting wipe frequency with rainfall intensity.

Page Cruise Control Driver Information Display. It remains in memory until you turn your Audi off. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under cruise control. Cruise Control Page Start-Stop System Start-Stop, it will remain off until you press the button to turn it back on.

NOTE: This feature is available on the Q5 3. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under Start-Stop System. Page Sunroof Optional Panoramic Sunroof TEXT Q5ROOF to Do not text and drive. Comfort Position Opening the sunroof to the Comfort position will help minimize variations in cabin pressure and wind noise.

To open to the Comfort position, simply turn the dial to the last dark rectangle. When the sunroof opens, the wind screen will automatically rise. Page Clock Setting 5. Ensure your time zone is accurate for your location. Save the time by pressing the control knob. NOTE: Turn on Daylight Savings time to allow the clock to change automatically.

Clock Setting: Audi concert radio To adjust the time: 1. Press the function button. Page Rear Hatch Optional Power Rear Hatch TEXT Q5HATCH to Do not text and drive. There are three ways to open the power rear hatch. Important Safety Instructions and Warnings which you must read, are listed on the last panel under Rear Hatch. Page 24 Optional Power Rear Hatch cont. Setting the Open Position The opening height of the rear hatch can be adjusted. Page 27 Notes Notes Page 28 Notes Page 29 Audi Truth in Engineering Q5 SQ5 Q5 SQ5 Audi of America auditechnology.

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