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Porsche boxster handbuch

The first generation Boxster was introduced in ; the second generation Boxster and the Cayman arrived in late ; and the third generation launched in Since the introduction of the fourth generation inthe two models have been marketed as the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman. The nameplate Boxster is a portmanteau of boxer, a reference to its flat or boxer engineand roadstera reference to the body style.

The nameplate Cayman is an alternative spelling of caimana member of the alligator family. The Porsche Boxster is a mid-engine two-seater roadster. It was Porsche's first road vehicle to be originally designed as a roadster since the The first-generation Boxster the was introduced in late ; it was powered by a 2. The design was heavily influenced by the Boxster Concept.

Inthe base model was upgraded to a 2. Instyling and engine output was upgraded on both variants. Production of the began at the former facility in StuttgartGermany in Valmet Automotive also manufactured Boxsters under contract to Porsche at a facility in UusikaupunkiFinland. The Boxster was Porsche's biggest volume seller from its introduction in until the introduction of the Cayenne sport utility vehicle in As of Septemberadditional production of the Boxster started at the former Karmann -factory in Osnabrück.

InPorsche debuted the second generation of the Boxster, the typewith a more powerful engine and styling inspired by the Carrera GT. Engine output increased inwhen the Boxster models received the engines from their corresponding Cayman variants. Inthe Boxster models received several new cosmetic and mechanical upgrades, further increasing engine output and performance.

The third generation Boxster type was launched at the Geneva Motor Show. All Caymans were manufactured in Finland by Valmet Automotive. As Volkswagen assumed control of Porsche AG, production of Caymans and Boxsters after began in the former Karmann plant in OsnabrückGermany, at the time owned by Volkswagen and also used for production of the Golf Mk6 convertible.

The car is not named after the Cayman Islands. Both the car and the islands are named after the caimana member of the alligator family. When the Cayman arrived at dealerships for sale, the automaker adopted four caimans at Stuttgart 's Wilhelma Zoo. Porsche brought an infringement lawsuit in against Crocsthe maker of the popular rubber shoes.

At issue was the footwear company's clog name also called Cayman. An injunction was granted against Crocs Europe, a division of the Longmont, Colorado-based shoe company preventing their use in Germany of the Cayman name. Introduced in for the model year, the Porsche Boxster and Cayman were renamed the Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman internally called thereviving the historic moniker while switching engines from naturally-aspirated flat sixes to small-displacement flat-four turbocharged units.

The new Cayman was also repositioned with an entry price lower than that of the Boxster, in keeping with Porsche's higher pricing for roadster models. Grant Larson's design, inspired by the Cabriolet, Speedster, and Spyderstimulated a commercial turnaround for Porsche.

Through consultation with Toyota. Porsche began widely sharing parts among models and slashed costs. By October following a visit to the Tokyo Motor ShowPorsche in dire straits, began to devise solutions to succeed the poor selling and incoming a heavy update of the In FebruaryPorsche began development of a successor to the mildly updated for and recently released By Juneout of 4 proposals based on dual collaboration between the and successor design teams, a proposal by Grant Larson and Pinky Lai was chosen by Harm Lagaay.

In Augusta decision was made to develop the concept into a show vehicle, in time for the North American International Auto Show. After garnering widespread acclaim from the press and public upon presentation of the Boxster Concept in Januarythe final production production exterior design by Larson was frozen in March However, by the second half ofdifficulties arose with fitment of some components, resulting in lengthening of the hood and requiring another design freeze by fourth quarter of that year.

Prototypes in bodies were built to test the mid-engine power train of the by the end ofwith proper prototypes surfacing in Pilot production began in the second half ofahead of series production in mid The Boxster was released ahead of the The Boxster had the same bonnet, front wings, headlights, interior and engine architecture as the All and Boxsters use the M96, a water-cooled, horizontally opposed "flat"six-cylinder engine. It was Porsche's first water-cooled non-front engine.

In the Boxster, it is placed in a mid-engine layout, while in thethe classic rear-engine layout was used. The mid-engine layout provides a low center of gravity, a near-perfect weight distribution, and neutral handling. The engines had a number of failures, resulting in cracked or slipped cylinder liners, which were resolved by a minor redesign and better control of the casting process in late A failure for these early engines was a spate of porous engine blocks, as the manufacturer had difficulty in the casting process.

In addition to causing problems with coolant and oil systems mingling fluids, it also resulted in Porsche's decision to repair faulty engines by boring out the cast sleeves on the cylinders where defects were noted in production and inserting new sleeves rather than scrapping the engine block.

Normally, the cylinder walls are cast at the same time as the rest of the engine, this being the reason for adopting the casting technology. The model received a minor facelift in The plastic rear window was replaced by a smaller glass window. The interior received a glove compartment, new electro-mechanical hood and trunk release mechanism with an electronic emergency release in the fuse box panel and an updated steering wheel. Porsche installed a reworked exhaust pipe and air intake.

In addition, the front headlight's amber indicators were replaced with clear indicators. The rear light cluster was also changed with translucent grey turn signals replacing the amber ones. The side marker lights on the front wings were changed as well from amber to clear, except on American market cars where they remained amber. The bumpers were also changed slightly for a more defined, chiseled appearance, and new wheel designs were made available.

The second generation of the Boxster debuted at the Paris Motor Show with the and became available for sale in Revised styling included modified headlights, larger side intake vents and enlarged wheel arches to allow wheels up to 19 inches in diameter. Interior revisions included a more prominent circular theme for the instrument cluster and cooling vents.

The base engine is a 2. Forthe base Boxster received a revised engine featuring VarioCam Plus and the Boxster S engine was upgraded from 3. These upgrades made the Boxster series and the Cayman series equivalent in terms of power. The is the last generation of the Boxster and Cayman series with hydraulic steering. The base Cayman followed in July Both the Cayman and second generation Boxster roadster share their mid-engine platform and many components, including the front fenders and trunk lid, doors, headlights, taillights, and forward portion of the interior.

The suspension design is fundamentally the same as that of the Boxster with revised settings due to the stiffer chassis with the car's fixed roof. The Cayman S was powered by a 3. An electronically controlled 5-speed automatic Tiptronic was also available on the S and base models. The Boxster and Boxster S models received a facelift in Changes included an increase in engine displacement to 2. Both models now came standard with a new 6-speed manual gearbox and were available with a 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe PDK dual clutch gearbox.

Cosmetic changes included new head and tail lights, larger front air intakes with incorporated day time running lightsand an altered lower rear end flanked by twin diffusers. A facelift of the Porsche Cayman followed in February As with the Boxster, the base Cayman's engine displacement was increased to 2. A limited slip differential was now a factory option. The third-generation Boxster internally known as the was announced on 13 March at the Geneva Motor Show with sales starting in early summer The Boxster reflects the new design language from the andand features new and revised engine and transmission specifications.

The standard Boxster was fitted with a new 2. Both engines are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox and an optional 7-speed reworked PDK. Both manual and automatic models were available with several technical options including Porsche Torque Vectoring PTV and a Sport Chrono Package that includes active transmission mounts, and makes the PDK-equipped model even faster.

The second generation Cayman was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The production version of the Cayman was released as a model in the spring of The new car was available in both the standard trim with a 2. Both versions are available with either a 6-speed manual or a dual-clutch 7-speed PDK transmission.

The Cayman features upgrades including a new body, a longer wheelbase, a wider front track, electric steering, and a redesigned interior that matches the firm's contemporary models. The new model gained acclaim in the motoring press as one of the best handling sports cars at any price, due to its-mid engine layout and driving dynamics. The Cayman S benefits from the same engine and running gear as Porsche's latest 3.

With the new generation, the marketing designation of the Boxster and Cayman was changed to Porschea nod to Porsche's racing heritage that won the Targa Florio race in and The timeline of the release started inwith first model availability scheduled for June. The base models featured two new horizontally-opposed flat-4 turbocharged engines of 2. The S model's turbocharger utilises Variable Turbine Geometry VTG technology. In Octoberthe GTS models were announced with their 2.

Inthe GTS 4. In the GTS 4. The GTS comes standard with a six-speed manual gearbox and a mechanical limited slip differential. The exterior of the Boxster and Cayman is very similar to the third generation, in fact more of an evolution than a redesign. The most notable changes are to the rear of the car, which now has a long black-trim bar across the rear connecting the two taillights.

The headlights and bumper are also heavily reworked.

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