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Avm handbuch 7530

Manuals Brands AVM Manuals Network Router FRITZ! Box Configuration and operation AVM FRITZ! Box Configuration And Operation. Quick Links. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Procedures Troubleshooting Chart Related Manuals for AVM FRITZ! Box Network Router AVM FRITZ! Box Installation, Configuration And Operation pages.

Avm fritz! Network Router AVM FRITZ! Box Fon Installation, Configuration And Operation Dsl pages. Summary of Contents for AVM FRITZ! Box Page Device Data On The Type Label The serial number should be provided when submitting support requests. Device Data on the Type Label FRI! Box password FRITZ! Box WW afbecd Power units WLAN Network Key WPA2 P0W, P0W, P0W Serial no. Page 27 FRITZ!

Repeat the registration: 1 registration per device. WLAN green USB Stick is concluded. OS Updating Updating. WLAN USB Stick in progress. Page Overview: Connecting The Fritz! Page 46 FRITZ! The preconfigured name of the FRITZ! Page 47 The preconfigured name of the FRITZ!

The name is printed on the type label on the bottom of the housing. Start the connection procedure via WPS see the documentation of your wireless device. Page Opening The User Interface FRITZ! You can also configure whether and how you would like to use the AVM services for diagnostics and maintenance of your FRITZ!

Page Using The Wizard For Basic Configuration To protect your private data, settings and account information, the wizard starts by prompting you to assign a password for access to the user interface. You can also choose whether you would like to use the AVM services for diagnostics and maintenance of your FRITZ!

Box; see Using AVM Services for Diagnostics and Maintenance, page Enter the preset FRITZ! Page Overview: Configuring The Fritz! Page Saving Power With The Fritz! Page Mesh In The Home Network Of The Fritz! Page 83 FRITZ! Box's internet connection. Settings for push services, automatic updates and AVM services are also shared in the Mesh. Page Updating The Fritz! Page Integrating Fritz! Repeater In The Fritz! Powerline Into The Mesh Of The Fritz! Page Deploying An Additional Fritz!

Page Using Avm Services For Diagnostics And Maintenance The AVM services for diagnostics and maintenance keep your FRITZ! Box and the FRITZ! OS operating system up to date and support the security and further development of your FRITZ! We recommend leaving the use of all AVM services enabled for your FRITZ! AVM Services Page Remote Access To The Fritz! Page MyFRITZ! VPN Service Portal The AVM website offers a service page which presents comprehensive information on VPN in general and in connection with the FRITZ!

If you would like to find out even more, visit this page at: en. Page Configuring Fritz! Page Assigning A Fritz! Page Switching The Wireless Radio Network On And Off The FRITZ! Box schedule can be transferred to other connected AVM devices, for instance FRITZ! Repeaters and FRITZ! Powerline adapters. By default, the AVM devices adopt the settings for the wireless switching schedule from the FRITZ! Page Starting The Function Diagnostics In the case of an error the diagnostics results can help you localize and remedy any problems.

Box Users And Fritz! Page Restarting The Fritz! Page Updating Fritz! OS Overview FRITZ! OS is the operating system of the FRITZ! AVM regularly makes new versions of FRITZ! OS available for your FRITZ! Box free of charge. Updates contain further developments and often new features for your FRITZ!

Page "Overview" page. Box selects a suitable time for the update, generally at night. Page Fritz! Page Expanding Fritz! Page Displaying Fritz! Page Saving Fritz! Page Creating A Myfritz! Page Configuring Myfritz! App: with Android Overview With the MyFRITZ!

App version 2 you can access your FRITZ! Box from anywhere using your Android device. The MyFRITZ! App 2 from AVM can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store. App: with iOS Overview With the MyFRITZ! App you can access your FRITZ! Box from anywhere using your Apple mobile device. App from AVM is available for free download in the Apple Store. Page Controlling Fritz! Page If the FRITZ! Box user interface is not displayed, you have to assign the IP address Instructions from the AVM Knowledge Base can be viewed by searching in Google for Configuring a network adapter to access the user interface with emergency IP address.

Box is provided in the AVM Knowledge Base. This resource presents answers to the questions asked most frequently of our Support team. Page Support LANany error messages displayed Instructions: Support by email Start a web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Box model for which you need support. Enter a keyword in the search field of the Knowledge Base or select an FAQ frequently asked question.

Box Drilling Template The following figure is a drilling template for your FRITZ! The drilling template assists you in marking the holes needed to mount the FRITZ! Box on a wall.

Die FRITZ! Box bringt das High-Speed-Internet in Ihr Zuhause und deckt mit vielen Extras alle Kommunikationswünsche rund um Internet, Telefonie und Heimnetzwerk ab. Das kostenlose Update auf FRITZ! Entdecken Sie über Neuerungen und Verbesserungen in den Bereichen WLAN, Mesh, Smart Home, Telefonie und Internet.

Haben Sie Fragen zum Handling Ihrer FRITZ! Im Handbuch finden Sie konkrete Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen und vielfältige Erläuterungen. Clips geben Ihnen einen Überblick über die vielfältigen Funktionen der FRITZ! Box und beschreiben die Einrichtung Schritt für Schritt. Zu den FRITZ! Praktische Apps erweitern Ihre FRITZ! Box, Smartphones und Tablets um neue Funktionen. Es gibt sie für iOS und Android zum kostenlosen Download. Go directly to: Übersicht Übersicht Übersicht Übersicht AVM Deutschland.

AVM Inhalt. Der FRITZ! Mehr Infos zum Update. FAQs USB-Speicher an FRITZ! Box einrichten FRITZ! Repeater im Mesh einrichten FRITZ! Box am Telekom-DSL-Anschluss einrichten Benutzeroberfläche der FRITZ! Box nicht aufrufbar VPN mit FRITZ! Safer Internet Day Besserer Schutz für Kinder und Jugendliche WLAN-Anrufe: Trotz Funkloch mobil telefonieren Mehr Komfort im Heimnetz mit der MyFRITZ!

App FRITZ! Handbuch Haben Sie Fragen zum Handling Ihrer FRITZ! Zu den Handbüchern. Clips Die FRITZ! Apps Praktische Apps erweitern Ihre FRITZ! Zum Supportformular. AVM Bereichsnavigation.